Links and news for Sept. 6 2013 – 1

1. Snowden leaks: US and UK ‘crack online encryption’

US and UK intelligence have reportedly cracked technology used to encrypt internet services such as online banking, medical records and email.

2. UK police arrest murderer after wrong man spends 6 years in jail

3. Al Jazeera holds pity party for Burmese Muslims arrested for the usual Islamic activities.

4. Some art is stupid and some art is dangerous and some art is both. Man thought to be after Vilks thought carrying a pee-shooter was a good idea.

5. Turkish gov’t plans to take the captured former Vatican East and turn it into a mosque.

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4 Replies to “Links and news for Sept. 6 2013 – 1”

  1. How do these endless advertisements for the Rohingya situation constitute being “ignored,” exactly? And since when do Thai police put up with illegal immigrants trashing facilities and making demands. They’re getting soft.

    And what are they doing in Nong Khai anyhow? That’s in northeastern Thailand, it isn’t anywhere near Arakan.

  2. The cover story of this month’s issue of Chiang Mai City Life, “the widest read English language publication in the north of Thailand,” is a paint-by-numbers PC account of the Buddhist/Muslim conflict in Burma.

    The story is titled “No Place to Call Home” on the cover and “Killing in the Name of Buddhism” inside, and the numbered spaces were coloured in by one Tom Fawthrop, “author, roving reporter, and filmmaker” who directed the documentary “Where Have All the Fish Gone?”

    The only historical context is a three-sentence quote from The Irrawaddy news service with a weasel-worded assurance that Muslims and Buddhists lived “in relative peace for centuries.”

    But now, Buddhist gangs bring terror, unleash havoc, act with impunity, hijack symbols, break all hell loose, beat, stone, murder, commit atrocities, retard democracy, imperil the enlightened support of human rights for all religions and fuel a regression into ethnic chauvinism.

    The monks themselves are extremist, ultra-nationalist, fake and hold racist views. They are pawns of a military taking the country in “a dark direction” (repeat three times).

    Muslims are peaceful.

  3. #4

    Actually, I think this incident is highly indicative of the damage that the Muslim Jihadists are doing to our society. Look at the photo of the artist’s “gun”. Any idiot could see, in about two seconds, that it is not a real gun, yet the wannabe Nazis had a field day abusing an old man, just like real-life Nazis, because they could, and that’s all guys like that need. That’s what the terrorists want. They want to pee in our coffee and shit on our pancakes. They want to make our lives no fun anymore. They want flying a plane, and travelling in general, to be a drag, instead of the exhilarating experience it used to be. They want us to be unable to go anywhere without showing ID and dealing with over-zealous asshole security guys. That’s their evil plan, just as it was in Medina 1400 years ago. We should be vigorously confounding these tricky bastards instead of letting them run circles around us an making us bite off our own tails as we chase them like retarded puppies.

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