News and links for Aug 29 2013 – 2

1. Ignoring taboos, Syria war wounded treated in Israel


2. Copts in the West Campaign Against Muslim Brotherhood

3. Egypt arrests Muslim Brotherhood leader Beltagi 

(If all with zebiba’s were incarcerated everywhere, I bet global violent crimes would drop 70%)

4. Since Obama has created a new utopian post-racial America, here are some actual race-based crime stats. (Something I would not have bothered with had it not been for Obama’s deceptions on this topic.)

5. Germans switch to national email providers after US scandal

“German users have reacted to the NSA [the US’ National Security Agency] scandal by switching to German email providers … and they are demanding encryption of their emails so far reserved to telecom companies. There is a great opportunity for private encryption,” the minister said.

6. Some interesting photos from Syrian conflict (however the page seems to flicker in and out of existence for me)

Thank you Richard, Mary, M, EDL Buck, Fjordman and all who sent in material so far today.

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3 Replies to “News and links for Aug 29 2013 – 2”

  1. #1

    The Syrian war wounded treated in Israel are a threat to the system. They are a threat to the Baathists. Salafis, Russian Communist successors et al. Some people will be treated and remain the same, but more people will be more kindly disposed than the average Muslim living a Muslim country. This effect won’t last forever, but it is real.

    Of course they could all end up like the kid bandage by the special forces medic in the movie “The Green Berets”.

  2. #6

    Ya, that is what I want to see … some so-called holy man preaching hate. NOT!

    You know this guy is a REMF from the git go. He has planned it that way from his days in the madrassa.

  3. Red:

    Worth noting that Brigitte Gabrielle started out as a very antisemitic anti West Christian Lebanese and she was rescued by Israelis and her family was treated at Israeli hospitals. She became one of the worlds leading powerhouses against Islam although her mother never gave up her Jew hate despite being treated, fed and housed by Israel. But Brigitte’s autobiography is amazing.

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