Links and news for Aug 28 2013 – 4

1. Ontario imam preaches that stoning people to death is actually good for believers. (As he is a believer, I think one of his followers should put that to the test immediately. H/T Grace)

In the article, there is a video of this tard-teacher that was removed. Hopefully someone saved it and reposted it somewhere.

2. Water found on the moon. (H/T Richard)

(This would explain the price of it by the bottle at restaurants)

3. Fort Hood gunman sentenced to death

4. WND is reporting that Iran has threatened to rain thousands of missiles on Israel if US attacks Syria. I have asked Shabnam, a tireless expat Persian human rights worker to find original material from Iranian official press to verify this. I hope to have it tonight.

5. Rumours of more harsh weapons in use in Syria. (Also unsubstantiated twitters of immediate recalls to the investigation teams)

6. Iran threatens of “unpredictable repercussions” in case of a strike on Syria by the US

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  1. I am a Civil War buff. The cause was just and the good sign won although I still think the stars ans bars is a great battle flag.

    My point is that all the Civil war guys had those manly beards and outrageous sideburns and mustaches. Now I can barely look at a person with a beard without becoming angry or suspicious. Even sometimes on a WASP. I know it is irrational.

    But Muslims are doing to bears what Adolf Hitler did to the name Adolf, which is a name over 2,000 years old and now it is ruined for a good long time. Literally you can read about the history of the Roman Empire and read of German named Adolph (albeit spelled Athaulf).

    Anyone else creeped out by beards now?

  2. It would be better to back down. We’ll just say that was all Obama and the Democrat Party. throw in some RINOs (All establishment Republicans who hate the Tea Party).

    It is not a reflection of the hoi polloi unless they think Oabma is great and really a smart guy (because he has well creased trousers … Earth calling David Brooks!).

  3. If we backed down and elected a president in the vein of a Cowboy like Reagan or Bush 2, the world would take us seriously.

    At that point the worse thing they would do is try to funnel money thru a Buddhist temple to the campaign of a Democrat contender. Then someone like Al Gore will say something like “there is no controlling legal authority”.

  4. Yes I meant a “cowboy”. Bush 2 was good IMHO since he stuck with the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not caving into to the antiwar left was the right thing to do. My criticism of Bush is that he listened to his Treasury Secretary Paulsen during 2008. Bush wasn’t strong enough on economics.

    For an example of how being dilletante destroys military resolve look at the South Vietnamese President n 1975. He told the commanding general in Hue to hold the city, to evacuate and then to hold the city. Morale plummeted and military cohesion shattered. The general suffered a nervous breakdown.

    We do not need to hit Syria. If we hit them we need to stay until we finish. As it is we will throw some stand off ordinance and then the Russians will connive with some Al Qaeda types or the Iranians to kill another Ambassador. Russia wins and Al Qaeda wins.

    P.S. Reagan hit Libya but that is different. That was done fairly soon after the Berlin bombing. It destroyed enough Libyan military equipmen that Libyan generals almost overthrew Gaddaffi.

    Whereas here, the current regime in Washington is telling them that we are not serious we are just going to give you a bloody nose for “honor’s sake” so please, please do not hit us back.

    They are going to hit us back. Military and civilians will suffer. The Washington types will be safe in Martha’s Vi yard and their other conclaves.

  5. Re: 3. Fort Hood gunman sentenced to death

    Sentenced to death is fine, but his crime should be that for waging an Islamic Jihad against the USA.

    On this issue at least, Nidal Hasan has been totally honest. He has said openly, before and after his attack, that he was a soldier of allah.

    It is the US government that refuses to recognize this fact.

    Now I don’t believe that the US government is naive – it has strategic reasons for not wanting to make this “war on terror” to be a war against Islam – even though that is what it is doing in a stealthy manner.

  6. Red as usual I agree with most of what you say,, personally I wear a goatee to hide my jowls.

    Yes if we are to attack anyone we must use overwhelming force and stay the course, not just slap them and then run. In 1951 MacArthur said that in war there is no substitute for victory, ever since we have tried and failed to find a substitute.

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