Links and news Aug 28 2013 – 1

1. Israel calls up reservists over Syrian threat AP

     JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel ordered a special call-up of reserve troops Wednesday as nervous citizens lined up at gas-mask distribution centers, preparing for possible hostilities with Syria.

With the U.S. threatening to attack Syria over its alleged use of chemical weapons, Israel fears that Syria may respond by attacking Israel

2. NYPD Designates Mosques as Terrorism Organizations

(Mosques are criminal organizations in both MAFIA like ways as well as as enemy beachheads. This article frowns on what should be standard practice)

(NEW YORK) — The New York Police Department has secretly labeled entire mosques as terrorism organizations, a designation that allows police to use informants to record sermons and spy on imams, often without specific evidence of criminal wrongdoing.

3. Aug 28 2013 20 hurt in Syrian gas attack Tuesday, opposition says

The Syrian opposition on Wednesday charged that regime forces had unleashed a chemical attack on civilians in Damascus overnight Tuesday. At least 20 people were asphyxiated from toxic gases, but there were no immediate fatalities, Al-Jazeera reported.

4. On May 6 2013, a senior UN diplomat showed that chem-weapons attacks in Syria had been by the opposition forces and not Assad. This begs the question. Why no US intervention in support of Assad against the rebels then? Why is there only a military answer when the case can be made that the Syrian leadership used it? Too much wrong here.

5. Hijab is elephant in the room (Tarek makes an important point)

Two Jews who had made a deliberate effort to avoid a rabbi now had a Muslim official flaunting her religiosity in the form of attire that is often associated with virulent anti-Semitism.

6. U.S. leaks tell Assad he can relax. The bombing will be brief and limited. 

An American military attack on Syria could begin as early as Thursday and will involve three days of missile strikes, according to “senior U.S. officials” talking to NBC News. The Washington Post has the bombing at “no more than two days,” though long-range bombers could “possibly” join the missiles. “Factors weighing into the timing of any action include a desire to get it done before the president leaves for Russia next week,” reports CNN, citing a “senior administration official.”

The New York Times, quoting a Pentagon official, adds that “the initial target list has fewer than 50 sites, including air bases where Syria’s Russian-made attack helicopters are deployed.”

H/T to Richard, Grace, Fjordman and Tundra T with thanks.

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  1. re: #2

    Quote from link: The American Civil Liberties Union and two other groups have sued, saying the Muslim spying programs are unconstitutional and make Muslims afraid to practice their faith without police scrutiny.

    And that is the problem. Muslims are called to Jihad as the supreme practice of their “faith”. What to do? What to do? No simple answer.

    For at least two decades, I have written that mosques are really forts, planted on enemy territory – beachheads if you like..

  2. “U.S. leaks tell Assad he can relax. The bombing will be brief and limited. ”

    That is like one guy telling another guy ” I am going to smash my fist into your face, but the pain will be brief.”

    How well would that go over?

  3. David Robert nominated as US ambassador to Egypt

    Outgoing ambassador, Anne Patterson, was accused by some secular and revolutionary groups in Egypt of backing the Muslim Brotherhood during Mohamed Morsi’s term in office

    The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs received a telegram from the US State Department on Tuesday stating that US Ambassador to Cairo, Anne Patterson, had finished her term in the job, Al-Ahram Arabic news website reports.

    Ambassador David Robert has been nominated by the State Department to succeed Patterson.

    Last month, Ambassador Robert Ford was tipped for the job, but his nomination was condemned by many political and revolutionary figures in Egypt. An online campaign against Ford’s nomination accused him of inciting civil war in Syria when he served as US ambassador in Damascus.

    The campaign called on the Egyptian foreign ministry to reject Ford’s nomination. In response, the ministry said it had not been informed of any nominee and it was too early to react.

    Ambassador Anne Patterson was appointed as US ambassador in Cairo in June 2011. In July 2013, she was accused of being biased towards the Muslim Brotherhood by opponents of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi

  4. The problem with the ACLU is they are stupid or suicidal. To us it does not matter which.

    There is deductive logic in inductive logic. Inductive logic while in some disrepute to some is nonetheless instructive and keeps you alive. Inductive logic tells us that after the nth time we investigate a mosque and terrorism was preached there and terrorists met each other there and worshiped there , that mosques are a f______ problem!

    If these mosques had nothing to hide, they would not bar Arab speaking Jews or Christians from entering. But they know they talk some s___ day in and day out. We have been going thru this since the President Bubba Clinton days when the FBI was barred from investigating mosques.

  5. @ Martin et al

    Really? Everyone and their brother is getting to know, having strong opinions on and judging foreign service officers (FSOs) and ambassadors. They are either administration stooges, partisan hacks or incompetent.

    Yes, that is what the world has come to.

    As kids we collected baseball cards, cited stats and had out favorites based on performance.

    As adults we wanted to do well art our job, raise a family and watch baseball.

    The politicians were supposed to do their job.

    But now we have to watch every politician, every journalist, every activists, every general, every FSO and every foreign leader.

    FSOs, who needs them?

  6. Red:

    I see it as an excellent example of Obama’s character if you add to it other uses of the same strategy. When he was running for office, he promised to end the free trade deal with Canada and then called the Canadian embassy in Washington on the QT and said that he just said that and didn’t mean it. The Canadian government was so shocked by this that they busted him publicly and still Americans voted for him. But it does show us how he thinks and what his character is actually like. Which is to say that he doesn’t have any.

  7. @ Eeeyore

    I am reading about the Tyrants Dionysus and Agathocles of Syracuse. It is amazing. Okay Machiavelli would not be amazed. Those 2 tyrants dominated Sicily for a long time. Agathocles almost pulled off the victory over Carthage that Scipio Africanus did. As an aside it makes you wonder that Carthage did not learn!!!

    But these men of no character lost everything. In the end they lost their families and Dionysus was run out of town.

    Constant them to a man of good character Timoleon. He was a an honest man, competent and it seemed as if the heavens shined on him at times. When his troops fought the Sacred Band of Carthage a rain storm just happened to pop up and doom the band. It was like Agincourt where the French knights could not get up out of the mud. Timoleon knew he had good luck and said so at the time. He did not take credit for what he did not do.

    So Obama has bad character. As the previous examples show sometimes it catches up to you.

    Just a note, if the Sudanese Islamicists fall from grace, the Obama clan is going to find out that the while Muslim they are black! The way the jihadis treated black Muslims and non Muslim Africans shapes my opinion on this.

  8. Contrast not constant.

    More on Timoleon. He was old when they tapped him as a strategos (general.). He was past 50 and retired in his 70s. And he didn’t loot the state treasury.

    He is as good as the Grachus brother of the Roman Republic.

  9. Red check out the website discover the networks, it has a brief history of the ACLU they were started by hard core Marxists to use the laws of the US against the US and thus eventually lead to our downfall.

    #1 Israel is treating this threat seriously even if our media isn’t.

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