Links and news for Aug 26 2013 – 2

1. At last! The NSA bugs an actual enemy of reason, freedom and democracy! H/T Richard

2. For a nice case of the warm and fuzzies read the comments under this report of Buddhists retaliating against Muslims in Burma. The story was posted here yesterday but now the comments are accruing and one can see how attitudes are changing.

3. McCain urges “very serious” (not just a few cruise missiles) action on Syria

4. Richard has sent in a number of links that appear to represent what is likely the Casus Belli for US direct action in Syria. I will paste them all below the fold. I have not read them yet myself but post them as they are likely of interest in any case.

Looks like Obama has found his reason to get the US involved in Syria.

which side attacked them?

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  1. #1 They have finally done something to help us.

    I approve of the way the Buddhists are fighting back.

    It is looking like Obama is going to make serious attacks on Assad and possibly send in allied troops. The rebels are getting the response they wanted when they used gas on their own people.

  2. #3

    Imagine if, in the middle of World War II, the Martians came down and declared that they just couldn’t tolerate the loss of life any longer and that they were now forced to intervene by backing Mr. Hitler, thus bringing the war to a rapid close. Wouldn’t that be great? Can’t you just hear the self-righteous Martians listing off all the lives that will be saved as they sink the Allied Fleets and take out the Allied airports? That is exactly what Mr. al-Hussein and that brain-damaged British idiot are doing. The Russians are now the “good guys”. I can’t believe it…

  3. @ Richard

    I don’t know why it isn’t more obvious to our morons in the media that the “Rebels” are the ones who used the gas? But, if the mainstream media doesn’t actually, officially, say it, it does not exist. The Muslim Brotherhood could go on TV, paint themselves blue, and scream that they were the ones who fired the gas shells, but it wouldn’t matter because the MSM just plain wouldn’t cover it and our intelligentsia does not watch FOX News or look at sites like Vlad Tepes.

    Do the Muslims have McCain’s granddaughter in a dark basement somewhere? How did he get to be so wrong?

  4. Chris I agree, I don’t know what we can do to correct the problem because everything I can think of has been tried and failed. I think a large part of the problem is that people aren’t taught to think for themselves anymore, they are taught to let the media and the left do their thinking for them.

    As an example of this read the article at yahoo asking where is the worry about $200 a barrel oil?

    The answer is that the lamestream media isn’t pushing a panic about it so the majority of viewers don’t worry about it.

  5. It’s the end of christianity in Syria one way or the other. Christian militias better suit up and fight in Assad’s corner. The US backed rebels are all jihadists.

  6. When we were in complete control in Iraq, the Iraqis took out their friustration on guess who? Christians.

    This was done under the noses of US and UK troops, and they did nothing. Despite [leas for help, they did nothing. They not only did nothing, but they said nothing. Why? Because it would have offended Saudi Arabia. The Saudis, in accordance with Mohammed, wish to clear Arabia of all Christians. They know, that as long as a remnant of Christianity remains in Arabia, there is a possibility of reversion.

    It is the same where Muslims have invaded and conquered. They not just drive out, murder or forcibly convert the original population, but destroy any vestiges of the previous culture. This ensures that there is no historic memory of what went before the barbarian conquest.

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