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2 Replies to “It would appear that US based Muslim groups pick spokespeople who are both sympathetic, and know nothing of Islam”

  1. The heathen foreigners take advantage of American good-nature. However; if they were to insist to even to try to implement their nonsense here, the reality is that communities would expel them & even the members of their own mideast religion would just insist on not cooperating & recognizing US Federal & State laws.
    Once immigrants realize that, in America, that we decide who we give authority to (in theory, at least), their children & the moderate elements of their attempted transplant culture rebel.
    While their islaaamic law may indeed be accepted & partially implemented in other countries, within enclaves; America has a history of these kind of things & it doesn’t come across well at all.

  2. I applaud the efforts on your site here & agree with them fully. Our US “Wild West” culture is a problem for muslims who arrive here. It defeats them.
    There are many issues that deal with different types of vermin in the US & this is definitely one of them. There is no complacency, I assure you. Just the opposite.

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