Links and news for Aug 10 2013 – 1

1. Syrian priest kidnapped by Muslims who was negotiating for the release of other kidnap victims.

2. CCTV of Aberdeen indecent assaults suspect









3. Turkey: Sex as a police punishment 

“Last night (June 3, 2013) around 9 p.m. I was detained in Be?ikta?, at traffic lights on Barbaros Avenue. I was not involved in any action like swearing or throwing stones. They took me in bending my arm the moment they saw me. Some friends of mine saw on TV how I was taken into custody. Then hell began.

4. This may be the most deluded article I have ever seen. Remember, they are talking about a man who told his followers “not to fast during Ramadan as they will need their strength for battle

5. Italy back to making lots of fascist and antisemitic products. 




Thank you Shabnam, Richard, M and all who sent in material. More to come.

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  1. I was in Catolica near Rimini in 2006. I could not believe it when I walked into a booze store and saw many of these bottles of wine and beer.I bought a bottle of Hitler Beer for my brother to show him as a novelty in disbelief and not as a joke or because I support fascism. Saying that he said the beer was delicious!
    Two years ago I was in Memmingen near Munich. My father and brothers were all having a beer in a pub and I noticed a bottle of Hitler wine on the shelf of a dresser next to a large cage containing a parrot. It was in full view. You would be naive to think support for Hitler and Mussolini has gone.It is ironic to think that the EU came about to stop such sentiments when in fact policies on immigration and currency etc have probably increased these sentiments. I have come across a changing tide of opinion that at its extreme edges wishes Hitler had won the war and in doing so would have kept Europe white………..Well done to the EU and the liberal leftards!!!

  2. EU among priority spy targets for NSA: report

    BERLIN: The European Union is ranked as a key priority in a list of spying targets for the US National Security Agency, German weekly Der Spiegel said Saturday, citing a document leaked by former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden.

    The classified document, dated April 2013, states that the US secret services are especially interested in gathering intelligence concerning the 28-member bloc’s foreign policy, international trade, and economic stability, the magazine reported.

    Using a ranking system from one to five (from high to low importance), those three areas were given a number three ranking, according to the document seen by Der Spiegel.

    Topics related to new technology and energy security were assigned the lowest-level priority.

    Among individual countries, Washington reportedly listed China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan and North Korea among its top surveillance targets. Germany, France and Japan were considered of mid-level interest, the weekly added.

    The latest revelations appear to back up earlier NSA documents released by Snowden that claimed that Washington was snooping on EU offices in Brussels and in the States, sparking outrage among European countries, Der Spiegel said.

    Snowden’s leaks in recent weeks, which have revealed that the US is systematically seizing vast amounts of telephone and online data around the world, have proved a major headache for Washington and even threatened to derail a huge US-EU trade deal.

    US President Barack Obama has scrambled to reassure allies and American citizens about the extent of the spying. On Friday he pledged to overhaul US secret surveillance, promising greater oversight and transparency.

    Snowden, who is wanted by the US on espionage charges, was granted temporary asylum in Russia earlier this month, a move that so angered Obama that he cancelled an upcoming high-profile meeting with President Vladimir Putin.

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