Links and news for Aug 9 2013 – 2

1. Finnish commies find freedom in North Korea. 

– P-Korean society lacks almost entirely private ownership of the means of production, and with it also lacks the owning class, the so-called employers. This creates a totally different atmosphere in society, I think it creates a different sense of freedom. Man does not work just to enrich somebody else, the Espoo Communist explained in a Puheenvuoro blog post.

2. At least eight dead in gun attack in Pakistani city of Quetta

At least eight people were killed when gunmen opened fire outside a mosque on the outskirts of the south-western Pakistani city of Quetta, police say.

H/T Wrath of Khan

3. (German) Police probe Mullah Krekar terror group

Mullah Krekar, the Norway-based Islamic extremist, is under investigation by German police for seeking to establish a Europe-wide terror network, Sweden’s Expo magazine has reported.

4. This could become a new curse expression. You know, like Christ on a crutch or something. This one would be, ‘Allah on a crisp!

5. Russia to clamp down on illegal migrants.

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  1. Of course! This makes a lot of sense… Solving personal issues by planting bombs at a cemetery – killing scores of women and children. And Lala is most merciful, most beneficent, never burdening anyone beyond that one can bear… Are you kidding me.

    14 die when bomb explodes at cemetery in Afghanistan (CNN, Aug 8, 2013)
    ” Fourteen women and children were killed Thursday when a bomb went off as they gathered at a cemetery in Afghanistan to honor a deceased family member, officials said.

    The explosive, which someone had planted in the graveyard, wounded four more people, said Ahmad Zia Abdulzai, spokesman for the governor of eastern Nangarhar province.

    Police are investigating. They believe the killing was not terror-related but an act of personal violence.

    The killing took place on the first day of Eid al-Fitr, which marks the the highest holiday of Ramadan on the Islamic calendar.”

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