Links and news for Aug 3 2013 – 1

1. Self proclaimed islamic extremist with a T shirt on his head threatens US area churches. (Even if this guy is some whack-job lots of whack-jobs become Christians and Buddhists and do not endanger others nor become supremacist)

2. What does it say on the back of these Russian ‘Gay-patrol?’ officer uniforms? Is it spelled backwards for car mirrors? (H/T Don Laird)

3. Bedford father jailed for beating children and forcing them to read Koran as punishment

4. Islamic terror and the Mexican border. (Good interview)

5. Al-Qaida leader condemns Egypt coup, but also blames Morsi for trying to ‘satisfy’ America

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  1. From a commentator on the link

    [Mr Ebk]

    OMON (Russian: ????? ????????? ??????? ??????????; Otryad Mobilniy Osobogo Naznacheniya, Special Purpose Mobile Unit) (????) is a generic name for the system of special units of Politsiya (police) within the Russian and earlier the Soviet MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs).

  2. Ha,,, ha. That’s funny. OMOH is actually Russian for ‘riot’, but I guess it is still Homo backwards. I don’t know if the Russians realise that or not.

  3. Rare interview with Egyptian Gen. Abdel Fatah al-Sissi

    “You left the Egyptians. You turned your back on the Egyptians, and they won’t forget that,” said an indignant Gen. Abdel Fatah al-Sissi, speaking of the U.S. government. “Now you want to continue turning your backs on Egyptians?”

  4. Too little, too late…

    Interpol issues global security alert linked to jailbreaks (BBC, Aug 3, 2013)
    “Interpol has issued a global security alert linked to suspected al-Qaeda involvement in recent prison breakouts.

    Interpol cited prison escapes in Iraq, Libya and Pakistan, and asked its members to examine if they were connected.

    The police agency is also asking member countries to “swiftly process any information linked to these events”.

    In the most recent escape….”

  5. Richard

    RT reports today that an DHS employee questioned why 23 men from terrorist designated countries were let in on the nod, on the border with Mexico. When she reported this, she was designated a threat to the USA. Her home was assaulted by dozens of agents + a SWAT team + a Blackhawk helicopter.

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