Links and news for July 29 2013 – 1

1. Two articles by Bruce Bawer.

1a. On the label, Counter-jihad

1b. If you can’t beat em, join em

2. Three links on music and Islam. Those people you know in the arts or on the left who may still support Islam as part of our cultural diversity richness may need to see these stories.

2a. India: Muslim mob kills two Hindus, injures many more for playing music in Hindu temple during Ramadan

2b. India’s ‘Grand Mufti’ under fire for enjoying concert then issuing a fatwa against music

2c. Lebanese pop singer renounces music and joins jihad

3. Taqiyya. Not just for Shiias anymore! Andrew Bostom

4. More Ramadan bombings. Pakistan. 39 dead so far.

(At this stage one wonders if there are pre-Ramadan sales on high nitrogen fertilizer. Or half off C4 this week only! Or, ‘Buy pull cord detonators this week and get 72 extra virgins  for Ramadan only!’)

5. Full movie of Grinding Down America. (I am watching it now. So far, so good)

*UPDATE* The movie is great until it goes far afield of the facts. It starts to equate Darwin with Lennin and fails to mention that in fact, the Communists hated Darwin so much, as the idea of natural selection was inherently capitalistic from their POV, that they made it illegal and invented the faux science of ‘Lysencko‘, a crap evolutionary biologist based on the magical thinking of Lamark. I had to stop watching at 21 minutes. This documentary seems to be pushing an agenda of creationism and using fiction to do it. Perhaps later on they correct the record in some way but time is short and I can’t waste it on half truths, which, I was always taught, is the damnedest of lies.

6. Iraq bomb kills 29 July 29 2013

7. It would appear that following the lead of Egyptian anti-Iqhwan people, Tunisia is trying the same thing in the wake of the assassination of the leader of the main opposition party to the Islamist party. More links on Tunisia here:

7a. Youtube short video

7b. 11 min. Youtube Video

7c. Article from The Star

Thank you CB, Wrath of Khan, EDL Buck, Richard, M, Fjordman and everyone who sent in material.

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  1. DP111: This is odd. The daughter is called Ayesha (no prizes for guessing where that name comes from) and the mother is named locally as Samantha Collins. (What does ‘named locally’ mean?)

  2. Re: Grinding down America. Why so hot under the collar about Darwinism?-it barely rates a mention in the film, unless its near the end (I had to turn it off about 3/4 way through, the sound got so bad).
    So are you really saying that Darwinism HASN’T been used as one of the main means of attacking Christianity, both in the public discourse and in schools?
    This film is SPOT ON, and you have a choice. One thing and one thing only created the country, the civilization, the culture that we are losing. One thing, and only one thing will restore it, and that is not a half truth that is the WHOLE TRUTH: NO CHRISTIANITY-NO US. Period, full stop, game over, and if you can’t accept the Christian faith wholeheartedly then that really is it for us, and you can keep on with your blogs, you can bring all the arguments you like to bear, you can have your Pat Condell rants ’til you’re blue in the face, and you’ll get NOWHERE, because they just ain’t listening, they just ignore you and carry on with their agenda. THEY have a philosophy that they believe in, will fight tooth and nail to implement. You have NOTHING, except a vague memory of a country you used to love, but no idea of how to restore it, because you, and most of the ‘resistance’ blogs A) accept a lot of ‘their’ arguments – ‘secular democracy’ – ‘separation of church and state’ etc, and B) Seem to be in complete denial, more than that, afraid to even contemplate the basis and the foundation of the civilization that we are throwing away. This film makes it perfectly clear what they are about. This IS a battle between good and evil, and at the moment they are winning hands down

  3. #5. Agree with you and Santor. Then I pulled myself together and watched the entire video.

    From my point of view as a european – I am not at all sure that this video is good advertisement for the US.

  4. I’m sorry Eeyore, but I still can’t see what you’re getting excited about. The film only makes one mention of Darwinism, and it links it to Marx, not Lenin, and Marx died thirty years or so before Lenin came to power. It is obviously a film made from a Christian viewpoint, and Christianity does acknowledge that there has to be some form of divine creation at some point, but I think one breif mention in the whole film is hardly labouring the point, and the fact remains Darwinism has been used as a battering ram to drive Christianity from public schools, and is still.

  5. Phil: Of course Darwin is used to batter Christianity. No argument. And guns are used to attack people I like and people I don’t like. But I do not try and reshape what a gun is to suit my agenda. Darwin is factual science. And frankly that isn’t even the point. This documentary falsely characterizes Darwinism as some kind of commie plot against the West. (at around 18 minutes in) The truth is that Communism despised Darwin because survival of the fittest does not fit the communist narrative but from their warped perspective is actually an endorsement of capitalism. So the commies invented their own bogus egalitarian evolutionary system which aided and abetted the starvation of a lot of people cause, you know, its bullshit.

    This is what stopped me from watching more. No matter how you feel about Darwinian evolution, an FWIW I happen to accept it as axiomatically correct with all its consequences, this video lies about its nature and relationship to communism. How can I trust anything else it says?

  6. Oh dear Eeyore, where to start?, let me first say thank you for your reply, and your patience, I do get wound up and ramble on a bit. I was not familiar with the communist rejection of Darwinian theory, so I will look it up, and, with your indulgence comment further up the page, ditto your radio show.
    I think that the problems people have when considering Christianity are manifold, most of them caused by the endless propaganda in schools, universities, and especially the media. I will attempt to make a few points, but each subject could take up pages of debate, and quite honestly, when you do debate people tend to see their own position as entrenched, and rather than listening to any fact, weighing it up, checking if it’s true, people tend to launch into their next counter argument in defence of their position.
    The first point I would like to make is the left’s visceral hatred of Christianity, they reel from it like vampires in a hammer horror movie. Take a look around, they attack it from every conceivable angle, they hate it and want to see it destroyed, and there is a reason for that: it is the one thing that stands in their way. NO other faith or philosophy frightens them to the extent that Christianity does, because it is a philosophy that puts limits on the mighty, expects values, standards, moral behaviour from them. THAT is what is meant by ‘all men are equal before God’ NOT God is a socialist and everybody has to be equal socially, financially. NO, and this is very important, because it is why Christianity has led to the free open society that it has, in what used to be called Christendom. When America was still a Christian country do you think this Wiener guy would still be in the race for mayor ? Do you think Holder and numerous government officials would still be in office having LIED on oath? Do you really think that governments would even be lying to the extent that they are if you still lived in a Christian country? Do you think they would have shame, contrition in such a society. You see in a Christian country GOD makes the rules- not man – and all men are equal before God and equal before the law. (read the story of Canute sometime). Each man has his own God given rights – and each man has his God given responsibilities – no matter how lowly – no matter how mighty.Do you really think that the poor of America are better off from the erosion of the moral imperatives that Christianity imposed upon them?. Do you really think that the people of America are better off without the moral imperative that Christianity placed on their leaders? Do you not see that for all the laws in the world, a recognition by miscreants that they HAD done wrong, and a sense of genuine shame when caught was far more effective. You see, the people who are out to destroy you KNOW this, any amount of Soviet defectors will tell you this-
    Theres just one, Yuri Besmenov will tell you categorically that destroying Christianity was KEY to destroying the west.
    Now here’s just a few ways the have done it :
    Convinced people that science has all the answers – it doesn’t- and evolution theory is NOT settled science, in fact archeological evidence does more to DISPROVE evolution than support it.
    Convinced people that its ‘uncool’ and ‘not grown up’ to believe in God’.
    Convinced people that Christianity was used to oppress ‘the people’- Quite the opposite – now becoming obvious as the God given, inalienable rights in your constitution are now being shredded- THEY – I was going to say DON’T believe in the Christian God, but they DO, and they know that only by separating you from him can they destroy those inalienable rights
    Convinced people that religion, and Christianity in particular have been responsible for all the was in history – NOT TRUE, as this film points out, more people were killed by atheists in the last century than all the wars in human history
    Sorry if I’ve gone on a bit but I hope I have given you some food for thought

  7. Phil:

    1. “the problems people have when considering Christianity are manifold, most of them caused by the endless propaganda in schools, universities, and especially the media.”


    2. “the left’s visceral hatred of Christianity”

    Certainly although I will have to think on your analysis as to why. I think it may be more linear than that. Leftism has never really been exposed to any other religion so it focuses on it as did Marx I believe since it was the dominant set of memes in the way of establishing the leftist utopia. So it developed a tradition of hatred of Christianity. Mostly I think Catholicism with a snide sneering and sanctimonious contempt for American protestantism.

    3. “Christianity has led to the free open society that it has, in what used to be called Christendom”

    Debatable. But at least in effect, true enough. I think it was the teachings of the classical Greeks spread by Byzantine monks as well as great men such as Thomas Aquinas that reshaped some of the more draconian and illiberal thinking of the Church before then. At the end of the day though, you are right in effect if not in analysis of the cause.

    4. “When America was still a Christian country do you think this Wiener guy would still be in the race for mayor ?”

    When it was a Christian country he never would have been able to run because he is Jewish as opposed to now, where he should be allowed to run despite being Jewish but should be ridiculed and politically destroyed for who he personally is and his ethics and standards. Now leftism has made it OK for someone like him to have a powerful career in politics despite all he has done while a Republican is destroyed just for tapping his feet in a public bathroom. I personally wonder how the leftist press manages to keep track of all of its standards. As Oscar Wilde said, “These are my principles. If you don’t like them, I have others”

    5. “Do you think Holder and numerous government officials would still be in office having LIED on oath?”

    Do you remember the standards that Gary Heart was held to? Even Clinton was busted for perjury for that Paula Star thing. It is amazing how far standards have fallen even since then. A role model today would have been what we would have referred to as ‘The defendant’ only a few decades ago. Still, some of the answer to your question has more to do with real fear of America of black riots should Holder or Obama be made to live up to any real standard of ethics, law or behaviour. Perhaps more that than a moral collapse. We will know if there is ever another white president.

    Look, you confuse me with an enemy of Christianity. I am not. I am however, an odd sort of friend. For example when I meet Catholics I often tell them quite genuinely that I often consider converting to Catholicism because of the official Vatican stance on evolution. Which is that it is indeed, settled science. The pope has made it very clear that ‘intelligent design’ is not only wrong but that it is dangerous and that Darwinian evolution is the case. That, according to the Vatican, the bible supports this if read correctly. The church also produced men like Gregor Mendel, Galileo despite a political difference at the end, and many other great men of science. Thomas Aquinas I already mentioned. The reaction I get is amusing. They are pleased about my pro-Catholic views but generally do not know about the Church and evolution but tend to confuse it with American Protestant views which tend to use any method to discredit it other than simply saying it is a matter of faith for them. Which I would respect more than twisting science as if we are all on the O.J. Simpson jury.

    I am thinking about getting a medallion though depicting St. James Matamoros. I so wish I had known about him before. Now there is a saint I would build a shrine for.

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