Links and news for July 22 – 3

1. Would you believe a muslim police organization in the UK? What would come first I wonder. Sharia or British law?

2. White house working on next step to aid the ‘rebels’ in Syria. FOX video clip.

Al-Qaeda seem to be the single biggest group there according to their pundit.

3. Judge Jeanine Pirro Rips Rolling Stone’s Boston Bomber Cover Boy, July 20, 2013

(H/T Softly Bob)

4. The USA now full on commie. Family rescued by Zimmerman afraid to speak about him in case they say something nice.

Mark and Dana Michelle Gerstle told friends and neighbors that though they’re thankful Mr. Zimmerman helped them, they do not want to talk publicly about him for fear they will be accused of portraying him as a hero, the Daily Mail first reported.

5. RT video of the Norwegian rape victim who was raped by a muslim coworker (I suspect by his nationality of Sudan) Sentenced to prison under muslim law in Dubai, then fired for reporting the rape by her Muslim Boss, Janet ‘Aisha’ Jackson’s husband and yet no mention of Islam as playing much of a role in all this horror.

(I am using the MRC link because the original video at RT on YT was so quiet I couldn’t make out a word. So I d-loaded, juiced the volume and here it is)

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4 Replies to “Links and news for July 22 – 3”

  1. 1. Muslim police? No way!
    Muslims should not be in the police force, nor should they be in government or the armed forces.

  2. #2 Obama won’t be satisfied until he has helped reform the Caliphate.

    #3 She is doing her normally exultant job of telling off the nasties of the world.

    #4 We aren’t there yet but getting their, the family is probably afraid of being target by the “protesters”.

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