Links and news for July 18 2013 – 2

1. Nazi themed cafe gets flack. I am posting this because of how the left has hijacked the narrative of the Nazis for their own reasons. Notice what the official objection to the theme of the Cafe is:

“Those symbols are internationally recognized to represent violence and racism,” Vivananda said.

Ignoring completely that it was NOT racism which the Nazis are guilty of, but antisemitism and it was the Nazis themselves that turned being Jewish into a race as opposed to a religion. As to violence, the contemporary revulsion to violence is as simple as it is paradoxical. Like ‘The war on terror’ itself, violence is a means to an end and will never go away. The issue is, why, how and under what circumstances? The Nazis were clearly not racist as their alliance with Arab Muslims etc. will attest to. Now the Arab muslims on the other hand…

2. Things that need to be tracked before they fall down the memory hole.

2a. Taxi driver who refused ride to man with alcohol in NYC and stabbed him to death with a long sword and beat another with a bat he conveniently had hidden on him. Driver is described as Mexican or Asian.

2b. Nearly 30 children die at Indian school from mid day meal served during Ramadan. Indian news, being as PC as our own, has not named the man who prepared the food and has only lightly alluded to the likelihood of this being poison as it was large amounts of an insecticide that seems to have been in the food, food that was served to children, during a daytime meal, during Ramadan, when muslims want to force us all not to eat till Sundown.

“The doctors did their best to save the children but there was so much poison in their food that the doctors couldn’t save them all,” Sinha told NDTV news channel.

Of course there are now many of these carefully edited stories in order to remove critical information like who did a thing and why and even how it was done if it leads the reader to the conclusion of who and why. But we must try and remember them and track them. Remember April 28 2009 for instance. How much better would the world be now if American voters had just remembered that?

3. Romanian mom destroys soe of Europe’s art heritage and treasure to get rid of evidence that her son indeed stole them.  (hundreds of millions of dollars worth of art treasure destroyed to help her son avoid what would have amounted to a slap on the wrist.)

4. Detective Constable Lucy Pearson based at Pendleton Police Station said: “The victim was trying to be helpful when he asked could he practise his English with her. “Instead, the offender took advantage of this kindness and sexually assaulted an elderly woman”

The man spoke with a middle eastern accent, he was in his mid 20s and of average build.

5. For the Muslim Doctor files. rather major misdiagnosis of stage 4 cancer.

6. Woolwich murder suspect Michael Adebolajo has been attacked in Belmarsh prison, south-east London, the Ministry of Justice has said.


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3 Replies to “Links and news for July 18 2013 – 2”

  1. 6. I thought that all prisons were Islamist controlled shitpits, so it’s nice to know that some prisoners still have the good sense to give a Muslim a good kicking. I really hope that they hurt him.

  2. #2 That was the most obvious act of Obama’s contempt but not the last.

    #3 I have been worried about the art work in Europe ever since the Moslems decided to conquer the continent. This action is the first of many to come that destroy the art that belongs to the entire human race, destroying the pieces of art are destroying part of our history.

  3. The cooks names are given in this article:

    I don’t think it was Ramadan related. The cooking oil was poisoned or the school purchased adulterated oil because it was cheap. There is a real problem with food adulteration in Asia. Unscrupulous dealers will cut oil and milk powder with most anything to reduce overhead costs. Combine this with an astoundingly high illiteracy rate and poisoning will occur as some idiot grabs a bottle of whatever to top of a gallon of cooking oil. It’s hard to find pure olive oil in this country.

    I am curious about which caste these kids belonged to. About 10 years ago I came across a list that described ways members of the highest castes could use to lower the number of lower caste members. That list included sterilization of women and food and alcohol poisoning.

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