Links and news for July 10 2013 – 2

1. Taliban reject pleas for Ramadan cease-fire.

While this should be no surprise to anyone, I think this one excerpt is very revealing:

The Afghan Taliban has rejected international pleas to halt attacks during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, saying Tuesday that it will actually increase its attacks as the “reward of fighting is much higher in the holy month” 

A touch of honesty that I hope we use to advantage. (Bolding is mine.)

2. Police search for person who poisoned meatballs for dogs in US park (H/T Richard) ** UPDATE ** SFPD has new information on who dunnit, but they aren’t telling us.

3. Obama completes the Orwellian circle, asks employees to spy on each other and turn each other in when suspicious.

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  1. Re #1, I seem to recall the same thing last year, and the year before that, and the year before that etc. Is nobody listening?

  2. I’ve just come from my local McDonald’s, which is full of Muslims stuffing their faces. So much for the ‘Holy Month’ of Ramadan…

  3. RE; #3 Welcome to our ‘Dear Leader’s’ Stasi state which will be enforced by it’s very own Volkspoliezi (peoples police).

  4. <b<Google Launches Ramadan Hub

    Google announced on Wednesday it is launching a dedicated hub for the month of ramadan, offering Muslims around the world a host of new, ramadan-specific features.

    The new hub will enable users to experience the ritual of umrah, ‘the minor pilgrimage’, with a live stream from Mecca fed through the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information’s YouTube channel.

    The hub will also help users to see how the Muslim world is celebrating ramadan on social media. A ‘Trending Searches’ feature will show the search habits of users across the Middle East and Africa and South East Asia.

    Visitors to the site will be able to search for hashtags relevant to the month, such as #breakingfast, and will be able to share pictures of their ramadan moments.

    Earlier this week, social media company The Online Project released a report that showed Middle East users will increase their social media activity by 30 per cent during the month.

  5. #2 I thought that given the Moslem hatred for dogs this sounded suspicious.

    #3 I doubt if the orders will be obeyed, the bureaucrats are too use to having permanent jobs no matter what happens.

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