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  1. EGYPT – ALEXANDRIA – 12 dead, 200 injured in clashes between Morsi supporters and opponents in Alexandria

    Egyptian police and army attempt to break up clashes between supporters and opponents of ejected President Mohamed Morsi in Alexandria

    At least 12 dead and 200 injured in Alexandria clashes between opponents and supporters of ousted president Mohammed Morsi, MENA cites head of Alexandria Ambulance Authority.

    Fresh violence erupted in Egypt’s coastal city of Alexandria Friday night between police forces and thousands of supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi.

    Violence extended along the street leading up to the northern military base headquarters, where pro-Morsi protesters had marched on earlier on Friday

    Earlier in the day, supporters and opponents of Morsi clashed near the military base headquarters where hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters marched in response to Islamists calls for protest against Morsi’s removal.

    Violence broke out on Friday afternoon after Morsi supporters were reportedly harassed by anti-Morsi passersby. Police intervened to form a buffer in attempt to disperse the crowds, according to Al-Ahram Arabic news website.


    VIdeo – Clashes in Alexandria – July 05 2013

  2. I think rioting is the national sport in all Islamic nations, and why grow food when the dhimmi’s in the west will send you food.

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