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4 Replies to “Syed Ali Shah Gilani demands that Cashmere is Pakistan”

  1. I have not heard much about the Islamic Terrorist camps in the U.S. in the last 3 years. The legacy media will not talk about it.

  2. FYI It is spelled Kashmir not Cashmere. For those of you who want to know the real history of the conflict in Kashmir please read these historical documents. In short Jinnah’s had this bigoted two nation theory (not his own but developed by other bigoted Muslims a few years before him) where Muslims he thinks are not merely follow a different religion but also form their own nation. He threatened and incited violence until Gandhi and Nehru stupidly agreed. All that eventually did was decimate the non-Muslim population in their own ancestral land that went to create Pakistan. India was partitioned on Islamic lines. Each area could decide whether to join India or Pakistan. North East and North West of India where there was a majority of Muslims went to create Pakistan. The King of Kashmir a Hindu had a mixed faith population with some areas being majority Muslim. Jinnah and his thugs wanted Kashmir to go to Pakistan, and decided to invade with militants to pressure the King to accede to Pakistan. He instead acceded to India and to stop the invasion. Pakistan occupies half of Kashmir. Part of their occupied territory Pakistan gave to China. Yes China Pakistan’s BFF occupies to this day part of Kashmir. Pakistan has been fighting to get the remaining part of Kashmir India ever since Jinnah’s thugs invaded during Partition. The Islamic militants have openly said they won’t stop at Kashmir but are going after all of India. Kashmir is not the end but the next phase to conquering all of India. This is what they have said. Kashmir Hindus have been persecuted by Islamic terrorists in Kashmir and are living as internal refugees in India. They are one of the most ignored refugees in the world. They get no love from the Western groups that go on and on about the Muslims in Kashmir.

    Here is one set of historical documents http://kashmir-information.com/LegalDocs/

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