Links and news for July 2 2013 – 1

1. Muslim throws wife off of balcony in Italy. 

2. BREAKING REPORT: Egyptian Prime Minister Hesham Qandil Resigns Amid Deadly Protests, Government Denies (UPDATE) (Egyptian gov’t denies it)

3. The threat of a repeat of black mob violence on the Fourth of July is causing at least three cities to cancel their annual Independence Day fireworks parties. (Link to FOX8 video of one cities cancelation) H/T Richard

4. UAF caught in own web of fascist demands. 

I can actually answer the question of course. The UAF understands as we all do, that the UK government selectively enforces against traditional, indigenous people, and classical liberals. So whenever a law can be made or used, it will only be applied against the EDL etc. Meanwhile muslims and leftists can continue to break the same laws daily with massively public and unabashed impunity. So the answer to this article’s question is easy. The author just ins’t capable of believing how bad things actually are in once-Great-Britan.

5. Israel getting mixed signals from Obama administration amid Middle East chaos

“In Egypt, the fanatics of the Muslim Brotherhood are attempting to control every aspect of Egyptian society,” said Gerald Steinberg, professor of political science at Israel’s Bar Ilan University. “You would think the Obama administration would sympathize with liberals and with democrats, with people who oppose the Muslim Brotherhood, but they are paralyzed there, too. They have shown no sign of dealing with the fact that we have replaced one dictatorship with another dictatorship.”

6. Marine Le Pen stripped from immunity

(I have an idea! Lets get rid of all political opponents by inventing laws or redefining them so that those we don’t agree with are defacto criminals!)

7. UAE jails 61 Islamists in coup plot trial, rights groups protest


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11 Replies to “Links and news for July 2 2013 – 1”

  1. #2&5 Obama and company will continue to support Morsi and hte MB no matter how violent the situation becomes, if/when the Army steps in to remove Morsi Obama will call for the Army to stand down and block all aid to Egypt until they do. If/when the MB start fighting the Army look for Obama to arm and train the MB fighters as they murder, loot and rape their war back into power.

    #4 Never forget the left believes in a double standard, laws for us to obey and none they have to obey.

    #3 there is a not so slow motion race war going on in the big and medium cities in the US, for the most part the news media are afraid to mention it and the politicians are so afraid of being called racist they ignore what is happening.

  2. Martin, won’t the headgear/helmets worn by the Islamists storm troopers in the two video links you posted above provide easy targets for the Egyptian military?

  3. “(I have an idea! Lets get rid of all political opponents by inventing laws or redefining them so that those we don’t agree with are defacto criminals!)”

    You obviously don’t live in Europe or the UK. We have had those laws for a few years now.
    Only bright spot? EU may come down on the side of people rights superceeding the rights of ideologies. Curently illegal to upset ideologies. Since no one has yet explained in detail how this is identified, anything likely to upset an ideologie is prosecuted – prophylactic.

  4. Richard,

    Qatar gave Egypt $ 3 billion in the last year. The U.S. gave about 1.3 billion. I would say that Qatar may have a bigger say in Egypt.

    The Egyptian military like the Chinese have their own corporations. How much support they provide I do not know.

    Obama is a chickenhawk. He might retaliate. but I put the chances at 50-50 or less.

  5. The stripping of immunity of political opposition, ratchets the polity further towards political violence.

  6. Red I am going on past actions by Obama, he has been removing our friends and installing Islamist governments, as well as training and arming terrorist groups.

    Whuptdue all uniforms provide targets for the enemy, their purpose is to identify friend from foe so you don’t die from friendly fire.

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