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3 Replies to “Pelosi: Americans don’t like our ideas? No problem. We will just change out all the Americans.”

  1. Pelosi, Obama and co. are attempting White genocide on a scale that would match the efforts of Hitler and Pol Pot’s various genocides – just drawn out over a longer period of time. I seriously hope that these criminals face justice one day.

  2. At the 17 minute mark, Cruz points out the economic impact to the citizen and legal immigrant ethnic/racial demographic component within the gang of eight bill. Already unemployed since Obama took office:
    * 9.1% Hispanics
    * 13.5% African-American
    * 24.5% Teenagers
    These numbers will soar with the statutory penalties linked to ObamaCare and the Gang of 8 immigration bill.

    Let me take this argument one step further.

    Simultaneously, all those bearing “RPI” designation, once termed ‘illegal/undocumented/particularly those with the identity other than Mexican’ individual applicants to ANY job will receive preference under threat of severe statutory monetary penalty.

    Got that? Your local branch of Hezbollah, Hamas, al shabab, al qaeda, members of your local muslim alphabet soup will trump legal immigrants and American citizens regarding every employment opportunity on the horizon. Lawfare has opened the eyes of many employers of suddenly devout/increasingly less assimilated Muslims. The gang of 8’s immigration bill is buying your future.

  3. Welcome to the left that most voters don’t realize exist, the low information voters are the reason the Dems can get away with their crimes.

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