Links and news for June 28 2013 – 2

1. NYT example of what Islam should be is actually a full-on sharia supporter who wants death to apostates applied within the USA. Please click here for the story. (Video of this man explaining himself starts at 1:15)

2. Syria: Rebels attack church, kill priest, loot the place, ‘attack’ the nuns

H/T Oz-Rita

According to the Custos of the Holy Land, Islamists broke into the convent, looted it and destroyed everything. When Fr Fran?ois tried to defend the nuns and other people, the gunmen shot him dead.

3. Turkish government wishes to get names of people critical of the state on social media.

4. London Street. People world wide had better decide if they are OK with this. Because you can bet your last red pfennig that if you were to stand beside him with a ghetto-blaster playing Start Me Up, or, I wanna be an anarchist, if you were not taken away and jailed for a hate crime you would have the crap kicked out of you and probably stabbed for your effort to try and have equal free-expressions and people, you had better be OK with that if you don’t insist that noise bylaws be equally enforced now.

5. This is a very important statement that appears to be on MSM TV in France. Let’s hope  this signals something of a wind-shift. Those familiar with this presenter and station please leave information in the comments.

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  1. I hope Assad wins. The end state will be more Alawites, more Christians, more Druze and more Kurds left alive. Reasons for wanting Assad gone are to hurt Iran, begin rolling up its; power and prevent it from getting the bomb. Oh and for past sins of siccing terrorists on us and supporting them during the Iraq war. Well Washington is doing nothing against Iran except a few delaying tactics such as stuxnet virus. they don;t have the balls. I hope Assad wins, but I hope he wins slowly and it takes all the stuffing out of him Iran & Hezbollah.

    The Iranians are getting the bomb (several actually no matter what). They will use their bombs to shield their support for terrorists and black ops. If we try surgical strikes by the Navy or Air force to wipe out camps or other supporting infrastructure, who know they might use their nukes. As weak kneed as many politicians are and act that threat might be enough to keep us from hurting their clandestine network too much and the Iranians know it.

    If the Iranians hit Washington D.C. a la “Sum of All fears, so what. Will it hurt? Yes. Will it make my future less secure? Yes. but it will hurt the aristocracy/oligarchs more. they are all living in Prince George county & surrounding counties living off the government teat. I am just about Finished reading “Operation Darkheart”. F_ckers would not go after Usama in 2004 or 2005 because they were holding hands with the Pakistani ISI. the ISI had placed a sign saying “Kick Me” in their back while holding hands and Washington sat there & took it. it was not their sons or their daughters. We could have had Usama by 2005. We knew that the Pakistanis were running a double game in 2004. Leftists rant & rail about Rumsfeld and Cheney. They can stick it. they are a bunch of inept pansies. Rumsfeld has good points. Schaeffer shows his bad points and there is nothing I can say against it. It is the truth.

  2. EGYPT -American teacher killed in clashes in Alexandria


    21:00 An American citizen has been killed in Alexandria, bringing the day’s death toll to two. Reuters reported that:

    “The man died from a stab wound to the chest, said General Amin Ezzeddin, a senior Alexandria security official. The account was confirmed by Ibrahim al-Roubi, head of the emergency unit in the Alexandria health department, and two other security officials.”

    21:10 Anti-American feeling was not just seen in Tahrir Square; in the city of Suez, hundreds of anti-Morsi protesters took to the streets in the afternoon holding banners with slogans against both President Mohamed Morsi and US ambassador Anne Patterson, reported Ahram Arabic.

    The protest took place in Al-Arbeen Square and was called for by the anti-Morsi ‘Rebel’ campaign, the National Salvation Front and several youth movements.

    According to Ahram, supporters of the Islamist president were absent in the canal city, having largely headed to Cairo earlier in the day to take part in the mass pro-Morsi rallies in Nasr City.,-part–Hundreds-of-thousands-at-proMo.aspx

    VIDEO – Protesters burn the Muslim Brotherhood Headquarter in Alexandria :

  3. I’ve walked thru Alexandria without problems. But that was during Reagan’s time.

    It matters who is president and who controls congress. Sure Boehner runs the house of representative, but Duchess Nancy waits in the wings sharpening her knives and Earl Reid holds court.

  4. Muslim man demands right to bring second wife to Ireland

    A Muslim man has gone to the High Court in Ireland demanding that he be allowed bring in his second wife to Ireland.

    The native of Lebanon, where polygamy is allowed, says his polygamous marriage must be recognized.

    Liam Egan, a member of the Muslim Public Affairs Congress, told the Irish Sunday Times the man was being discriminated against unfairly. “It is draconian to treat this family differently,” said Egan.

    “Ireland discriminates against Muslims seeking citizenship by asking them to sign an affidavit. The state should not be interfering in families like this. It is silent on adulterous affairs but the moment you try and do something honourable by bringing a woman into a marriage, even a polygamous marriage, there is an issue.”

    The man first entered Ireland some years ago and claimed political asylum which was granted. It is believed there are numerous other cases involving second or even more wives awaiting the court’s verdict. British law allows only one wife to legally emigrate.

    Liam Egan says the Koran allows Muslims to marry and “love each of them equally.” The Immigrant Council of Ireland says the case highlights the need for the government to deal fairly with the issue.

  5. Massively arm the Kurds. Occupies massive resources of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Keeps Muslims killing Muslims.

    Furthermore, end all foreign aid to these American and European Christian hating governments and groups. All aid should be focussed on Christian organizations, groups, individuals.

  6. No I’m not OK with that man with his megaphone on the street. He’s not a busker: he’s staking his claim – the claim of Islam – to the street, and to the public space. I interpret it as an aggressive, threatening and colonialist action, asserting the supremacy of Islam, enforcing his message on others. But I wouldn’t have dared try to stop him.
    I’m sure there will be more of this kind of thing

  7. Red

    I wish that Russia and China do not abandon Assad. He is far better then anything that the USA and UK would like to put in place.

    As you rightly state, if Assad wins, Sunni Jihadis will leave rt be driven out, and Syria, along with Lebanon may give rise to a new renaissance of Christianity in that region. Both states will proper. The downside is it will attract millions of begging Sunni Muslims, just as Israel does now.

    I see no probl;em with Iran. Iranians are not Arabs, who are tribal They have a historic civilisation. The most important fact is that all the Jihadi attacks that we have been seeing are done by Sunnis and not Shias. Iranians are generally peaceful, and if they do act, they do so in self-defence.

    Yet another video of Sunnis performing a halal execution

  8. @ Escape Velocity

    Massively arm the Kurds? I could go for that. They are Muslim though I suspect they became Muslim … well because their whole neighborhood became Muslim. For all that I am not sure I trust them because over time you think like a Muslim; it might not mater why you became Muslim. Saying that I know gives encouragement to jihadis in their convert or die message. but they should look deeper into the mechanics/nature of it and they will become shocked.

    Still as far as I know the Kurds I think care more about being Kurds than Muslims. So I say arm them.

    Some Muslims would say see, they were never good Muslims. Seems to me that Arabs make poor Muslims as well. There is a pecking order in Islam, which of course goes against the so called tenets, with Arabs being better than other Muslims, Saudis being better yet and of course the Royal family being just fabulous. So what if they have simple graves. They show all their non egalitarianism in life. They have none left over to flaunt in death. About says it all.

  9. @ DP111

    I would say Iranians are better. But it is still a fight between those that are hardline Isamic and the more cosmopolitan type who although they pray, give charity and so forth don;t wear it on their sleeve. It is the same fight as elsewhere in the Muslim world, but the iranians have a better chance of winning. As you pointed out they are not tribal.

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