Links and news for June 26 2013 – 1

1. The White House seems to hold meetings with people who should be targets of drone strikes. (H/T Richard)

2. One can no longer have a wanted poster up, if it depicts people who look like they represent the ideology that drove them to the crime they are wanted for. (If one looks up ‘retrograde’ in the dictionary this should be what you find.) H/T Richard

3. On an earlier post today, I suggested a template through which ‘attacks’ against islam or its symbols should be viewed. And lo and behold here comes one. FYI to the best of my knowledge there is no KKK anywhere in Britain. I would be willing to bet we never hear another word about this if they catch the people as it is likely the muslims themselves that did it since there is so much political capital in it. If it was non-muslims we will know all their names and faces in no time. It should be added that today, the UK banned Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from entering. Isn’t this just too convenient.

4. The UK, Like the USA, seems to have lost its entire grip on right, wrong, and priorities.

H/T Don B

5. Another Canadian muslim (Attempted terrorist) looks like he is gonna try the ‘sue the government for millions’ trick. Only problem is he went to Mauritania on his own and wasn’t sent there by the FBI or RCMP. What in the world was he doing in Mauritania anyway? Trying to buy slaves?

6. Who is this thug? Mixed race boy, two, suffers broken collar bone after black passenger launched racist attack on train. (We seem to see a lot of this recently. Lets keep an eye on this and see if charges of causing problems with community cohesion or any of the other charges used in the UK against white people who believe they have rights in their own nation. My guess is no.)

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3 Replies to “Links and news for June 26 2013 – 1”

  1. #3 very convenient.,

    #6 There are an increasing number of black mob attacks occuring in the US, last weekend one happened in a down 35 miles from my home. It isn’t enough that we are facing attacks from Moslem terrorists and have leftist trying to destroy our nations, now we seem to be entering a race war.

  2. #3 classic stuff. No KKK in the UK, and the NF hasn’t existed for god knows how many years. I recall them in the 70s and early 80s. A muslim definitely did this. There was also graffiti on a street in Birmingham recently, that said ‘Qur’an is rubbish’. No non-muslim uses “Qur’an” especially not ‘a knuckle dragging EDL person’ as the media would characterise them.

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