Links and News June 25 – 4

1. Obama to Egyptian Christians: Don’t Protest the Brotherhood. (I have to say, this has to be the most megalomaniacal thing Obama has done so far. And that is quite an accomplishment all on its own) H/T Richard

2. This robbery would have worked in Canada. Because no one is allowed to have the potential for force except the cops 20 mins away and the criminals. Story here:

3. US training ‘rebels’ at secret base for Syrian conflict and US assistance started long ago.

4. A video a day will keep delusions about islam away

5. The reality of a large number of Gypsies moving into an area of town. Once again, someone needs to sit down with Cher and have a little talk with her.

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  1. AUSTRALIA – Western Sydney imam Afroz Ali says 100 extremists living in our suburbs

    MORE than 100 extremists capable of violent radicalism are entrenched in western Sydney, a Muslim cleric claimed last night.

    A western Sydney imam has revealed his losing battle turning young Muslim extremists back from the brink of terrorism.

    Exposing the scale of the problem, moderate imam Afroz Ali said he was losing the battle to turn 120 extremists at this Lakemba-based organisation back from the brink.

    […]”I find it astonishing we’ve got one centre that has 240 radicals,” Mr Mawaz told Today Tonight

    “If 120 can become violent in one Islamic centre, that tells me the scale of the problem. It’s massive because that’s only one centre.”

    That is on top of the hundreds of followers who follow Hizb ut-Tahrir, Sheik Feiz Mohammed, the Global Islamic Youth Centre at Liverpool and Auburn’s Bukhari House Bookshop and prayer hall in western Sydney.

  2. UK- Swastika and racist graffiti saying ‘EDL’, ‘KKK’ and ‘NF’ daubed on windows and walls of Redditch mosque

    The yobs are believed to have broken into the site, which is under construction, some time after 2am by forcing a gate before using paint from a builders’ cabin to spray the hateful messages.

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