Peshawar mosque blown up during Friday prayers

We don’t know much about this yet, but I feel pretty confident in speculating that it was a muslim who did it of one stripe or another. After all, if you can count on the religion-of-peace to do one thing consistently, its to attack and kill enemies as they perceive it. Also as muslims know that mosques are more beachhead than place of worship they have far less compunction about blowing them up than we, who are so fooled about their true nature that we won’t do proper surveillance on them despite the fact that pretty much every terrorist attack is planned in one.

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  1. Suicide bomber kills 15 at Peshawar mosque

    […]the suicide bomber detonated his explosives in the mosque when worshipers were offering Friday prayers.

    “One of the attackers wearing a suicide vest entered the mosque and blew himself up in front of the worshipers,” said Khan.

    He said three attackers tried to enter the Hussaini madressa in Chamkini area but faced resistance by the security personnel posted at the entrance. He said two attackers were prevented from entering the complex while one managed to enter the Imambargah after the guards were gunned down.

    Bomb Disposal Squad official Abdul Haq told that six to seven kilograms of high intensity explosives and four kilograms of pellets were used in the blast.

    Other eyewitnesses said that the attacker shot at the guards posted at the entrance of the complex before entering the premises where the explosives were detonated.

    <b<The complex comprises of a madressa and an Imambargah belonging to the Shia sect.

  2. Good old Winston………..
    Sometimes I wonder if the Sunnis have a parallel startegy of eliminating the Shias from the earth. They are in vaste majority, and their economic ressources are far superior to the Shias. There can’t be two of the only religion of Peace in the Caliphate, can it?

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