Links and news for June 22 2013 – 2

1. I have always been a tiny bit nervous swimming in the ocean next to a lot of women… (H/T Richard)

2. Anti-Government protestors in Egypt lash out at the US accusing it of pro Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) bias. … and now it all begins to make sense. And in the 2008 election, people said Kerry was the Manchurian Candidate. It is truly a buyers market on irony. (H/T EDL Buck)

3. UK and US share stolen private data. (And you can bet anything that the NSA or CIA etc. trade data with organizations in Canada technically not allowed to spy on its own people like the CSE) “Amount of data is truly colossal”

4. More and more hard science appearing which will of course, bury the dogma of Anthropogenic Global Warming and put it where it belongs next to killer bees, acid rain, nuclear winter and the dozen odd tricks far leftists and anti capitalists of all stripes have used to damage Western civilization. (H/T Andrew Bostom)

5. Vicious and hard to read account of muslim gang rape and murder of hindu girl leading to riots and anger at police inaction. (There is only the main link for the page, no specific link to articles. At the moment its at the top but you may have to scroll down later on)

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  1. Notice this gang rape all by Muslims against a Hindu girl gets no media coverage around the world. None. Even in the gang rape of the woman in December the Muslim criminal his Muslim name was hidden and you’ll see his Hindu sounding nickname used. Media always covering for Muslims.

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