Links and news for June 18 2013 – 1

1. In this Daily Mail article about the conviction of the soccer players who kicked a volunteer ref to death, notice no pictures of the perps and no comments allowed for “legal reasons”. I wonder in the new Orwellian Europe if we are allowed to know what those legal reasons even are?

2. Report on the culture of rape in Egypt

3. Police raid home in the Netherlands and seem to shoot a hostage taker who was part of a team that may be responsible for a series of robberies. Might be Moroccan-muslims, there is conflicting information. *UPDATE* According to the translators who have scoured the news looking for specifics, they are 99.999…% certain these are Muslim perpetrators.*

At this junction, one knows this because of the vagueness and lack of specifics in the news when we know that these details are known to authorities and would have been instantly revealed had they been indigenous Europeans.

4. Gloucester mosque arsonist ‘burned’. Attack captured on CCTV and yet, article has no pictures or video. I wonder what that can mean?

4b. Oh look! They have an arrest. A white man and charged with a hate crime. No name though and no pics from the CCTV or the arrest. H/T EDL Buck

5. In this MEMRI video a debate on wife beating takes place where the feminist think-tank faux-statistics are used to demonize the west. Even if the numbers where correct, and they are a ludicrous fiction (Please see Christina Hoff Sommers excellent book, ‘Who Stole Feminism for the back-story) there is a critical difference between crime and policy. In Islam beating women is policy. In the West, it is a crime.

6. Gatestone Inst. article on the Iranian elections. 

7. Diana West on the surveillance state we all live in now and should probably revolt against.

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  1. The reason the government is snooping on everyones phone calls is that the government is worried about the US citizens rather then our enemies.

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