Links and news for June 16 2013 – 3

1. Putin asks Cameron: “Do you want to supply arms to people who eat their enemies organs?”

2. Andrew Bolt: Obama takes sides in an Islamic conflict coming to our suburbs.  Well worth the read. And as it is of great concern to all Muslims as well, I respectfully suggest that all religious Shiia and all devout Sunni muslims living in the West consider packing their bags and joining this conflict and helping their respective sides.

3. At last someone in the regular news noticed the attack-and-switch tactics of islam in the west where they do something truly horrible and then all the attention gets focused on a never-hapens-but-should ‘backlash’

4. Tragic if true, unconfirmed reports on twitter of a harsh beating of a young girl with Downs syndrome in the UK by what is reported to be a pack of the usual. Normally I would be reluctant to post anything like this without more hard, well frankly ANY evidence. But given that the media world-wide flat out conspires to withhold evidence from the public that may interfere with the narrative or cause problems with the illusion of community cohesion, I feel obliged to post it.

5. Blast from the past! Nelson Mandela sings songs about killing all the white people along with the ANC. Funny how you never hear about genocidal racism when its from heros of the left.

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  1. A few days ago EDL buck asked for information about african american jewish congregations. I answered with what I rememberered but could not find the web page I remembered of an absolutely legit black jewish congregation.

    I just found it. There is a wealth of information on this site and there is no way to confuse these people with various nutters who call themselves black israelites. These are the “black jews”, as they refer to themeselves, that started around the early 20th century. They are “legit” as their rabbis and congregations are certified or whatnot by whatever certifies such things for all rabbis and congregations.

  2. When Putin made the statement of cannibal Sunni Jihadis, Cameron actually bit his lips. He looked decidedly uncomfortable.

  3. Hell must have frozen over. Details of the original article linked above.

    “…All journalists experience this disparity. If we attack the EDL for being racist, fascist and pro-violence, we can do so with impunity, although we are not being strictly accurate. If we make similar remarks about Islamist organisations, we will be accused of being racist ourselves. “Human rights” will be thrown at us. We shall also – this has happened to me more than once – be subject to “lawfare”, a blizzard of solicitors’ letters claiming damages for usually imagined libels. Many powerful people in the Civil Service, local government, politics and the police, far from backing up our attacks on extremism, will tut-tut at our “provocative” comments.
    Related Articles

    Much more important – from the point of view of the general public – you frequently find that Muslim groups like Tell Mamma get taxpayers’ money (though, in its case, this is now coming to an end). You discover that leading figures of respectable officialdom share conference platforms with dubious groups. You learn that Muslim charities with blatantly political aims and Islamist links have been let off lightly by the Charity Commission. And you notice that many bigwigs in Muslim groups are decorated with public honours. Fiyaz Mughal, for example, who runs Tell Mamma, has an OBE. Obviously it would be half-laughable, half-disgusting, if activists of the EDL were indulged in this way; yet they are, in fact, less extreme than some of those Muslims who are. …”

  4. Not even “Asian” girls this time round – just girls.

    The MSM has realized that the public have caught on to the “Asian” scam.

  5. I guess we have to watch Facebook and listen for rumours. The legacy media has demonstrated that it is more about misdirection than information.

  6. #4
    The last comment on the article below says… I don’t know why the BN and the police have neglected to report or reveal the ethnicity of the mindless thugs who did this, or that the victim was told that it was a “muslim park!” And before people start with the racist BS, islam isn’t a race and Facebook can be an extremely good source of information when close family report the story properly on it!

  7. That comment above has been removed by The Bolton News.
    Freedom of Speech is trumped by community cohesion once again….

  8. Cameron has enough testosterone and/or estrogen to breed, to feather his nest and to climb the social ladder. He does not have the wisdom, knowledge or cojones to protect anything larger than a family, political clique or crony network.

    Cameron has no moral right to be a leader. He might want it. He might think he is qualified, but he not qualified.

    As the “incorruptible Irish American officer Jim Malone” played by Connery (wiki) asks Bureau of Prohibition agent Eliot Ness played by Kevin Costner “What are you prepared to do?”

    Cameron is not prepared to do much. Is England a second rate power? Yes. So what. That is respectable. That is two points. The first point is “Quantity has a quality all its own” – Joseph Stalin. Suppose the U.S. and China go at it mono e mono. That is a tough fight with the outcome in doubt. Lets say the U.S. has 10 2nd rate powers (allies) backing it versus China’s say three. The out come would probably favor a U.S. victory although it would be hard fought. Lets say the U.S. has several allies and China has none. well, the outcome is a no brainer. the second point is that 2nd rate powers matter on their own an allied with others. Case in point look at Iran. Iran backed by a first power (Russia), allied with a 3rd rate power (Syria) and funding a 4th rater power (Hezbollah and all of the sudden the U.S. has its’ hands full.

    2nd rate powers are to be treated well, to be cherished. Where would 1st rate powers be without them? 1st rate powers for a short time before they fall or break up into smaller polities.

    Where would the American and British be without the Polish in the 1930s and 1940s? Certainly they would have had high casualties. Would Bletchley park been as productive as soon without Polish help?

    All armies commit war crimes on either side of a conflict. It matters. I have relatives both sides of the conflict in WW2. So while I appreciate the Allied victory over the Axis, do not ignore the war crimes committed by the Allies. I do not , would not and do not advocate beating my culture up over them like a putrid, craven multiculturalist, it informs my view of human psychology, military justice and historical record. But the point is Cameron should have been well enough read about military history that he should not have been shut down by a zinger from Putin. If Cameron cannot be bothered to read military history, he has no business being PM (or in politics at all).

    I would just as soon as have Assad win. He is “relatively” benevolent. Certainly the minorities in Syria were better off under his rule. He & His father supported terrorists in Lebanon in the 1980s & during the Iraq war. We owe him. Still backing Al Qaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood so they can establish a Caliphate is not the way to succeed. Cameron does not have a good vision nor can he bring enough facts to bear to debate Putin or anyone else. He is a failure.

  9. Bravo to a Brave Putin, and Cameron is an F-ing idiot that will go down in history as such…..
    Sadly, it is time to write to Stephen and his Posse, because he has been influenced on his latest tour by the dhimmis and of course the biggest all time scourge on history, Obama.
    Time to write MPs and Stephen to let him know Canada will not support those cannibal islamic rebels who will ultimately become the extemists fundamentalist sharia system

  10. Muslim accused of killing 17 yr old wife traced via cell phone

    Afghan fugitive wanted for Norway murder arrested in Rome

    Rome, June 17 – Rome police arrested a fugitive Afghan man accused of killing his 17-year-old wife and fleeing with their two-year-old daughter from Oslo, Norway, on June 12, investigators said on Monday.

    The alleged wife-killer immediately fled Norway and crossed several countries to go into hiding in Italy. Investigators managed to locate the man, Noori Ahmad, by tracing a complex web of minimal computer traces left by his cell phone along his flight. After fruitless efforts to locate his cell phone by its IMEI identity code – which had been furnished by Norwegian police – on Saturday afternoon Italian investigators found a phone number owned by an migrant living in Naples associated with the fugitive’s cell phone device.
    The device, investigators then learned, was located in Rome. From there investigators began a feverish search for the fugitive, but efforts were complicated by the density of the neighborhoods where the phone number occasionally showed up. What gave Ahmad away was the presence of his cell phone at an internet point in a neighborhood of southeast Rome. Investigators were then able to follow the man in real time on Sunday morning, thanks to a couple of brief phone calls the fugitive made to Iran. Noori Ahmad was arrested, in the company of his two-year-old daughter, at the same Internet point he had visited the evening before.

    www ( dot ) gazzettadelsud ( dot ) it/news/english/50638/Afghan-fugitive-wanted-for-Norway-murder-arrested-in-Rome.html

    pic :

  11. The increased violence is an attempt by the Moslems to create the open war that al Qaeda is working for, this is a catch 22 situation, if you react violently the media will portray you as a racist nazi and if you don’t you let the Moslems take over the country.

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