Links and news for June 16 2013 – 2

1. Two Saudi woman are punished in the KSA for trying to assist a Canadian woman who wished to leave her husband. The crime is called, ‘takhbib’, or incitement of a wife to defy the authority of her husband. Please send this story to any women who date muslim men. Even muslim women.

2. Man who interviewed Tommy R this morning on BBC cries about his treatment at the hands of various people who objected t his conduct in the interview. I would have thought he would be used to it by now. Even so, I would have hoped people would not react this way.

3. Thief who applied to join the police force sues them for turning her down, because she claims that amnesia made her forget her crime but no other part of her life. So somehow the police have to make her a constable or otherwise compensate her. I am willing to bet they do.

Amnesiatard sues police, But can she remember where the court is?

4. Iran to send 4,000 troops to aid President Assad forces in Syria 

5. Islamists Warn Christians From Demonstrating to Topple Egyptian President

(AINA) — The youth-led Tamarod (rebel) Initiative has collected more than their targeted 15,000,000 signatures calling for a no-confidence vote against President Mohammed Morsi and forcing early elections in Egypt, causing the ruling Muslim Brotherhood party and its Islamists partners to feel seriously threatened, say political observers. Millions are expected to join a nationwide anti-Morsi and anti-Brotherhood demonstration set for June 30, to coincide with Morsi’s first anniversary as president.

6. Thomas Sowell Dec 14 2008 responds to Obama’s policies as he stated them at that time. It is fun to look back sometimes.

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  1. The slaughter of drummer Lee Rigby has had a seismic shift in opinions of people about Islam and Muslims, despite the best efforts of the MSM and ruling political elite.

    It has also led to paranoia among Muslims. They are loosing it. The number of knife attacks, and other violent acts has spiked, which confirms it. It could also be a policy to incite counter violence leading to sectarian violence as in Islamic countries, as we proceed to destroy ourselves. In that sense, our leaders are right not to fall for it, and thus suppress any EDL types of demonstrations.

    In addition, Muslim spokesmen have been desperately trying to pin the blame on radicalising Muslims on our foreign policy. But just as the political elite reject the idea of Jihad and violence in Islam, they also categorically reject the idea that it has anything to with our policy of “bringing freedom and democracy” to Islamic lands.

    For years now, I have seen this policy as deliberate, with a view to achieving total victory. The West has never been satisfied with military victory – it is too easy in this case. The West, particularly the USA ad the UK, are never satisfied until the ideology of the enemy is discredited and crushed.

  2. Re takhbib, you should send this to the terminally brainwashed Dr. Dawg whose daughter is married to a Muslim, but it’d be a waste of time followed by the 50/50 possibility of a SLAPP suit

  3. Yes people are turning against Islam and the Islamization of the west.

    Don’t forget that we were warned about al Qaeda having a time table with the goal of open warfare by 2016, they are escalating the violence to bring about that open war.

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