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12 Replies to “What do muslims in Australia think about the Lee Rigby murder?”

  1. Well they would say that wouldn’t they? We don’t need some dopey dhimmi journo to go ask them- Aussies with any grip on reality know the answer already.

  2. Oz-Jen:

    The point is, the media in Oz and elsewhere are starting to calculate the risk benifit of dealing with reality differently. It isn’t that they told us what we already know that matters. Its that they appear to be lying about it less. They still haven’t crossed the finish line and really told us that the problem lies in islamic ideology and they still act as if its some unfathomable coincidence that its all muslims who hold these views. But its a step in the right direction compared to what we saw on Oz media during Geert Widers visit not so long ago.

  3. The Australian Media (especially the ABC and SBS – taxpayer funded clones of BBC) is starting to slightly make the tieniest of concessions to the truth that should even hit fully blind ones in the face – but I think that this has to do largely with the elections coming up on 14 September (perhaps even earlier) and that the Extreme left Greens who hold the balance of power and the union driving left Labor, according to polls, will lose these elections in a landslide. They “fear” that the conservative government that will come in, might actually show a little courage and DO something against this cancer that is destroying the West. While I have seen conservative leaders going to water where the Islamisation is concerned (looking at you Sarkozy), my hopes lay with the (now shadow) but hopufelly then Minister for Immigration. He at least seems not afraid to pointing an identifying finger or two and the cause of this cancer.
    But have you counted how often the 60 minutes journalist named the beast by its name? How often did she say “Islam”? As to “muslim” she only mentioned it once, and only in balance to mentioning Christianity. (From a Christian he became a Muslim with extreme ideas…or words to that effect). And 60 minutes is broadcast on the commercial chain Chanel 9 who counts as “conservative”.
    The brave EDL was hardly mentioned and then only with ever so slightly curled lips.

    But we are making progress towards the light, I at least have now the guts to forego diplomacy in my political discussions, but I have also lost a few fake-friends who prefer the Left to friendships with right-wingers,.

  4. Hi Vlad
    We would like to subtitle this video in french in order to display it in differents french patriots blogs but we have sometimes difficulties to understand what mahometans or australian journalist are saying. If you have time, would it be possible from you to write in a reply here the conversation between them. Best regards. Robin

  5. Robin: I Emailed you the complete transcription as best as I can. Please let me know if you get it, assuming the email address you registered with is the correct one.

  6. Eeyore you are right, the media around the world are slowly waking up, hopefully they will wake up before all of our freedom is lost.

  7. How are these people still living in this country? if you support acts of terrorism, then you are a terrorist! he has just gone on television and shown his face to the world, and what has happened to him? nothing i bet. If they are so concerned with “protecting” their people, and their country..then they should go back there and defend it on their own soil!.

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