Links and news June 9 2013 – 2

1. A man has been arrested on terror charges in Aberdeen. His arrest is understood to be related to downloading radical Islamist material.

2. Text of Geert Wilders speech in Las Angeles today. (Maybe someone can find a video?)

3. U.N. Watch in danger of being closed down by Richard Falk.

4. Anjem Choudary goes shopping  buying yoghurts and crisps. Its nice to see that at last the media is offering back a tiny bit of the contempt he takes public funds to spread to all of us.

5. Majority of Netherlands favours ban on sharia law.

6. Turkish protesters say they fight the PM’s strict islamic views. (At last an article which directly addresses this point. There is at least an element of secular Vs. tardic religious rule involved in the massive demos.

Anti-Erdogan demonstration in Turkey from Tarek Fatah on Vimeo.

7. Watch where you park at the San Fran airport. You might find a very cheeky view. (It is my understanding that this was all started by some early mohamedan who deliberately did his religious calisthenics in front of non-muslims as a provocation. It proved effective and intimidating so this is why we see the tactic everywhere.

8. Russia: 300 people, including 170 foreigners, were held at a Muslim prayer room in the capital, and police said Islamist literature had been confiscated

9. The Netherlands cracks down on forced marriages.  (It is excellent to see media reporting it as forced marriages and not as arranged marriages, which may themselves be objectionable or not but certainly not comparable)

10. US waives condition on $1.3B in aid to Egypt    

Jihad watch on the issue above here


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  1. AP sources: US close to OK on arming Syrian rebels

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Moved by the Assad regime’s rapid advance, the Obama administration could decide this week to approve lethal aid for the beleaguered Syrian rebels and will weigh the merits of a less likely move to send in U.S. airpower to enforce a no-fly zone over the civil war-wracked nation, officials said Sunday.

    White House meetings are planned over the coming days, as Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government forces are apparently poised for an attack on the key city of Homs, which could cut off Syria’s armed opposition from the south of the country.

    more on the page :

  2. “A man has been arrested on terror charges in Aberdeen. His arrest is understood to be related to downloading radical Islamist material.”

    Since when has going into chatrooms looking for six year-old brides been an offense?

  3. Obama is going to borrow $1.3 billion from the Chinese to give to the Egyptians, anyone who thinks that he isn’t working to destroy the US isn’t watching what he does.

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