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7 Replies to “‘Erdogan’s hideaway’. Secular Turks do the resistance tango”

  1. There cannot be almost a century of secular freedom replaced by strict Islamic Sharia law overnight. Like the old World War 1 song said…”How we going to keep ’em down on the farm now that they’ve seen Pareeeee”…….

  2. Rita its because I have a huge and amazing bunch of wonderful and caring people like yourself, like M, Like CB and Richard, Don Laird and many more who asked not to be named, that send me material because they know it needs to get out there.

    This is very much a group effort. And I am so grateful for all the help I get, not just for the content but knowing that others care enough to do work, to send a few dollars, to spend time and effort helping get the word out is very encouraging.

    Things are quite serious. In some ways more so than early WW2 as our own governments are on the other side for the moment. This is it. We rise up and demand a return to rational secular liberal democracy and the protection of individual rights including the right to discriminate for our own interests, or we lose it all to Marxism and islam. It is good to see so many helping and so many more getting informed.

    Rita please embed the excerpt of Clare Lopez when she was on EDL radio. That is a clip that needs a lot more attention than it is getting I think.

  3. Arthur they can’t change overnight, but they can be forced to change if the forces of change are brutal enough, this not passive resistance works but only on people who care what the world thinks. The Closer the Caliphate comes to being reformed the less the leaders will care about what the people think.

    Here are some links about the formation of the Caliphate in Turkey and other nations.



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