The Vice-Borough Mayor and a District Councilwoman were knocked down. FPÖ head, Strache sees “politically motivated perpetrators” behind the acts.

German news report on several members of a pro-western civilization and islam-critical political party being physically attacked.

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From this article:

In Vienna’s Favoriten district, several FPÖ (Austrian Freedom Party) officials have been the victims of attacks.  On Saturday, a district councilwoman was struck as she was exiting the trolley.  There was also an attack at the construction of an information stand.   FP chair, Heinz-Christian Strache, claimed in a press release on Monday that “politically motivated perpetrators” were responsible for the incidents.

According to a police report, the incident on the weekend took place near a station for trolley line 6.  The 38 year-old councilwoman was struck down and kicked by an unidentified male, who was apparently walking with a number of young men.  After the attack, the perpetrator fled on foot.  The woman suffered injuries to the forearm and the face and was taken to the hospital.  The background of the incident is being investigated at this time.  No witnesses could be located as yet, according to police information.

An altercation also arose recently at the constructing of an information booth.  According to the newspaper Österreich, district mayoral representative Michael Mrkvicka and a district councilman were beaten up.  The incident was about ten days ago, as reported by FP provincial secretary Hans-Jörg Jenewein on Monday.  Jenewein ruled out any personal background information.

Strache warns of “dangerous development”

FPÖ federal and Viennese chief, Heinz-Christian Strache. spoke of a dangerous development already evidenced in the riots surrounding the WKR Ball, more recently known as the Academics Ball.*  Those demonstrations had been backed by “Socialists and Greens.”  “The justified question arises, what parties in Austria actually create a climate of hate and tendency to violence.  It is certainly not the FP,” Strache declared.

*Covered at the time in GoV.


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  1. It is the Fascists and other leftists who use violence as a political tool, the old pattern is starting once again and once again the authorities are afraid to do anything to stop the Fascists. But you let a non fascist defend them-self and the police will be out in force to arrest and prosecute them.

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