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4 Replies to “More IRS totalitarianism”

  1. Awesome testimony by Dr. Karen Kenny. We should all strive to be as patriotically eloquent when facing off against DC politicians.

  2. I know this woman. I been to many of her and her Husbands Patriots meetings. She holds them i a local church. The most memorable meeting i ever went to was when she got David Thibodeau to speak about what happened at Waco one year after the event.

    He was one of the 9 survivors and that put it in perspective why they stayed couldn’t leave. Whom ever poked their head through a window as shot by a sniper. Mr Thibodeau wasn’t even religious in the slightest he was only visiting when everything went down

  3. Something I found kind of interesting after Waco never reported by any group. The back and both sides of the buildings were covered by three and only three snipers whom none of them had a spotter with them. All other police and media were forced to stay in only the front of the buildings.

    Those killed were only shot from the sides or back of the building. We even know who the sniper was in the back of the building. Lon Horiuchi was the same sniper at ruby ridge that killed the lady with a baby in her hands. Lon Horiuchi was also at the initial raid in front of the compound when 3 shots were fired from his position when none should have been. I still believe he was just taking orders just as the IRS does.

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