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4 Replies to “Second day of muslim V Buddhist rioting and arson in Burma.”

  1. I used to visit a buddhist monastry here in the UK run by Burmes monks in my youth. They were great. Now I think they are awesome! My respect for the Burmese way of the Buddha has gone through the roof. BTW I am not a Buddhist.

    If we had some of these men and women in the Whitehouse Mecca and Median would have been a nuclear wasteland years ago. BTW Big Frank the thing is the PC madness of the West has not destroyed the thinking capacity of the Buddhists over there. I worry about the Burmese Elites as they try to get PC lesson from the West but the people are doing just fine in containing and destroying Islam in Burma. After this series of episodes as long as the elite do not control the national mood when it comes to Islam as Rasool Obama, and Imam Bush did with their various insane statements about Islam, the nation of Burma will do just fine. Burma may be my fave country at the moment.

    Let me finish by paying homage to the Buddha for what he is doing to save the world from PC ignorance.

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