AMIA: Prosecutor accuses Iran of infiltrating South American countries

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Buenos Aires Herald:

In a 500-page indictment realeased today, the General Prosecutor in the AMIA case, Alberto Nisman, accused the Iranian regime of “infiltrating” several South American countries “by building local clandestine intelligence stations designed to sponsor, foster and execute terrorist attacks, within the principles to export the Islamic revolution.

“Based in countless reports, evidence, testimonies, court and investigative records related to other countries of the region, North America and Europe, including rulings of foreign courts against the Iranian regime, he proved the identical decision-making mechanism, planning and execution of terrorist attacks verified in different countries, which were judicially attributed to Iranian intelligence agents,” according to a briefing sent to the media

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5 Replies to “AMIA: Prosecutor accuses Iran of infiltrating South American countries”

  1. The jihad is to take over the world, that includes South America and the far East, they are working to infiltrate agents everywhere.

  2. I like this:

    Canada freezes trade with Iran over nuclear program, human rights (Reuters, May 29, 2013)
    “Canada will freeze all remaining trade with Iran to protest the Tehran’s nuclear ambitions and its human rights record, Foreign Minister Baird said … Canada, which has had increasingly poor relations with Iran for more than a decade, had already imposed a series of trade sanctions … Baird said Canada was particularly concerned by the failure of the UNs’ nuclear agency this month to persuade Iran…”

  3. This story is massive indeed. The headline makes it appear to be a dull little geopolitical nothing story but its massive in implication and a large lurch forwards towards open warfare.

  4. The entire world is moving towards open warfare, unfortunately we in the west have let our enemy place way too many people in our countries. When the MB gets its way and there is open war all around the world we are going to be hurt and in some cases hurt badly.

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