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11 Replies to “Paul Weston: It is not racist to defend your culture and your people.”

  1. This one is almost funny:

    Old video comes back to haunt Hezbollah chief Nasrallah (al-arabiya, May 27, 2013)
    “A video in which Hassan Nasrallah spoke about? his dream goal in Lebanon before he became Hezbollah leader is being circulated again on social media following a speech on Saturday in which he officially admitted engagement in the Syrian civil war. The video being circulated online reportedly dates back to 1988 and shows a younger Nasrallah saying: “Our plan, to which we, as faithful believers, have no alternative, is to establish an Islamic state under the rule of Islam.” “Lebanon should not be an Islamic republic on its own, but rather, part of the Greater Islamic Republic, governed by the Master of Time [the Mahdi], and his rightful deputy, the Jurisprudent Ruler, Imam Khomeini,” he said. In his speech on Saturday, the guerrilla chief vowed “victory” in Syria and defended his position to side with regime of president Bashar al-Assad and with Iran…”

  2. I am depressed and anxious on a daily basis in Britain due to the erosion of the English in their homeland, especially in the historic city of London. England has one of the world’s finest working classes and it has been sold out to cheap labour from Eastern Europe and cheap votes from savage 3rd world nations. I want the London Of Michael Caine’s Alfie not of Lee Rigby’s Woolwich. The class system is back and this time it is really dishonest and sinister. The new Liberal Upper class wants chaos so they can rule us absolutely. This can not be cleaned up by UKIP, instead we need, I’m afraid to say, a form of firm nationalism.

    I was at the Westminster EDL march and I think the UK has a much better chance than overly nice Sweden or other European nations.

  3. All nations are doing the same on this, they are refusing to admit the religious aspects of the terror attacks because to admit them would mean admitting that all of their multicultural experiments have failed. Being a liberal means never having to admit failure.

  4. Please..please, for all you who use the Word English, see BRITISH,as we in “Bonnie”Scotland..the Land of the Vallies(Wales) and the Great Nation of the Emerald Isles are also effected by the same poison…..think collectivly and we’ll pull through,keep together guys and always remember,England is not Britian,Britian has 4 x Countries,4 x CHRISTIAN COUNTRIES,end of story.

  5. Pardon my ignorance about Great Britten:

    What has happened to the British “Freedom Party” – wasn’t Paul Weston its leader?


  6. In India, anyone standing up against Islamic aggression is also labeled as far right. And yes they even try to demonize them as akin to Nazis. See you don’t have to be white to be portrayed as far right hate mongers for speaking up against the outright violence Islamic acts, and other more subtle forms of annihilation of non-Muslims in India

  7. And no matter who the British vote for, all their politicians have the same policy! From what I read, UKIP is making good progress, and outstripped the Lib Dems in the last elections. Their head is the dynamic and articulate Nigel Farage. But I’m not sure how UKIP thinks about the Muslims.

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