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7 Replies to “WTF?”

  1. ‘You can’t rape her unless she has fired a gun’ or is it that ‘she won’t go to Heaven if she is not a virgin’. Oh I can’t keep up with what is Halal and Haram to do with nine year old girls anymore. Maybe they’re taught that at school.

    Sorry, did I hear right, it’s o.k. to MARRY and have SEX with them? Socialist Sex Education IS ‘age appropriate’ after all.

    But… hold on there…. Why wasn’t she in a burkha…. or are these all her Uncles? Oh, she’s a widow, her 54 year old husband’s a martyr. Well, why didn’t you say! That’s a creshe she’s firing at? Good. Hit the enemy where they have abandoned their weakest. “All’is chutzpah!” as they say in France.

  2. She wasn’t wearing a hijab – maybe the gun protected her.
    I’m sure that she is of rapeable age.
    Maybe when she has outlived her usefulness and becomes more sexually desirable (in about three months time), then perhaps she’ll become their sex toy, until of course, a little boy comes along ( a far more desirable gender for the Muzz).
    Then, I guess, if she’s not making babies within five years time, they’ll have no use for her at all!

  3. ” if she’s not making babies within five years time, they’ll have no use for her at all!”

    I almost agreed. then I remembered, they would have one more use for her. Tha is as a black widow a.k.a suicide bomber.

    That is the way they roll.

  4. Westerners have a problem defending themselves against kids that age, also the western media loves to show kids that age being killed so they can vilify the current enemy of the left. This was the beginning of a propaganda move, it won’t be long before a video of her being shot hits the net.

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