Updates and information briefs.

As I am sure most of you know by now, the site including my email has had some technical difficulties for several days now. Thank you for checking in and sticking around if you did. Many people are working hard to fix this and I think we will. But there could be more outages so if you sent me email and I didnt get back to you it is because I never got it or, it came in recently once it started working and I haven’t got to it yet.

The other day a twitter message was posted here about London bridge being closed due to what I figure David Cameron will refer to as the King of Diamonds. Meaning of course a bearded man with an axe.

M has found us more evidence of this below:

Seems to me this has managed to stay out of the media. But I bet most of the UK know what that Kardashian woman wasn’t wearing that day.

Also I have indeed been asked to cohost the EDL Blog Talk Radio program for the past few weeks and have managed to get some truly great guests on.

Basically I was a guest on one show they did and enjoyed it very much. Then for personal reasons the cohost, a witty and intelligent Canadian woman who I think goes by Red Fox but I am very bad with names so I apologize if I got it wrong, had to take a break from all this and they asked me if I would fill in for her till she is able to focus on it again. I hope she sorts it all out and gets back to it, she is a valuable asset to the resistance and we need her.

Meanwhile today, if all goes well, I have someone I am really looking forward to speaking with about all these matters. A really great speaker and thinker and one of the most brave people in the resistance as well. So please do tune in at 3:30 EST to hear him. This could be a great show and join the chat room there as well to ask questions.

Here are the links to some of the shows I have done with them already if anyone would like to check them out.

1. The show where I was a guest of Geoff and Kell

2. Interview with Australian glass artist and anti-sharia activist, Sergio Redegali.

3. Paul Weston as guest. This needs to be heard.

4. Interview with Gates of Vienna blogger, Barron Bodissey 

5. Interview with Diana West

Probably a link for today’s show can be derived from these but I’ll post it here when I get it.

We have heard about the 85 year old woman who was arrested for yelling insults near a mosque, although interestingly never heard of an arrest of people inside a mosque doing nothing else, but there is quite the police presence outside it now. I guess to protect it from angry octogenarians. That, frankly wouldn’t even make a decent phone game let alone require heavy police presence.

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5 Replies to “Updates and information briefs.”

  1. How nice the police ordered by the feckless Politically Correct government are protecting the Mosques and the ‘faithful’. However the regular UK citizens are afforded little or zero ‘protection’ from their government.

  2. I’m currently listening to the fourth audio file posted above and must say Vlad belongs on the radio! This is the first time I’ve heard him, and find his only struggle is permitting his verbalization to keep up with the fast pace of his mind which is racing ahead. He will have no difficulty filling any given time slot with much needed education for listeners. Well done.

    Near the 75 minute mark of the fourth audio, Baron Bodissey explains the origin of the term “Islamophobia” and points out the fact that mocking Islam or depicting Islamic terrorists in the entertainment industry is now absent, despite being quite the norm after the Iranian Hostage Crisis, the bombing of the WTC in 93. . .but no longer exits. Can’t imagine this famous movie scene being filmed for entertainment today, can you?

    I’m still listening . . .but wanted to say – much needed and very well done programming. Thank you.

  3. Early in interview #5 Vlad is discussing videos of ‘Steven Coughlin’s brief’ and how the Muslim Brotherhood has established a timeline for open warfare touching off in 2016. Are we to believe it mere coincidence that Obama’s second term ends simultaneously? That sob will have been given a full eight years to infiltrate every security channel to the Muslim Brotherhood.

  4. Kerry unveils $4 bn Palestinian investment plan

    AL SHUNAH, Jordan — US Secretary of State John Kerry unveiled Sunday a plan to boost the Palestinian economy by attracting $4 billion in private investment, saying it could transform the lives of the people.

    He has tasked Tony Blair, the Quartet’s special envoy to the Middle East, with drawing up a plan to revitalise the West Bank through boosting industries such as tourism, construction, information technology and agriculture.

    Blair’s plan, being aided by some global business leaders who are giving their time free, could be “ground-shaking,” Kerry said.

    The group was putting together recommendations for the Palestinian leadership to decide on, aiming to “mobilise some $4 billion of investment”.


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