Sweden Riots: Police Station Set On Fire

Sky News:

Hundreds take to the streets of Stockholm as riots prompted by the police shooting of a 69-year-old stretch into the fourth night.

Firefighter tackling buring car in StockholmFirefighters said they had never tackled so many fires at the same timeGroups of youths in Stockholm have burnt down a restaurant and torched more than 30 cars in a fourth night of rioting.

The unrest is being blamed on police shooting and killing a 69-year-old knife-wielding man on May 13.

Hundreds of young people are said to have been involved in the rioting in immigrant suburbs of the Swedish capital.

Local media also said a police station office was set on fire in the suburb of Rågsved and police in the southern city of Malmo said two cars had been set ablaze.

Three police in Stockholm were also injured in the unrest.

The rioters have been heading out at nightfall over the past four days, ignoring calls from Sweden’s prime minister to end the violence.

Burn out cars in Stockholm
Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has appealed for an end to the violence

Selcuk Ceken, who works at a youth centre in one of the affected suburbs, said: “It’s difficult to say why they’re doing this.

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  1. The police if allowed to function without the interference of the spineless castrate’ in the government could stop the criminal rioting in short order. These dirtbags need a ‘lead shower’ and some ‘wooden shampoo’ (a good beating with a police baton).

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