Husby days-of-rage spreading all over Sweden and Norway

England: Cowards and dhimmis do the scramble to prevent the ‘backlash’ that never comes but really should.

Tommy Robinson speaks out on selective enforcement and lack of honesty in defining islamic actions against British people, children, soldiers etc.

Sweden riots and arson enter 4th night

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8 Replies to “Husby days-of-rage spreading all over Sweden and Norway”

  1. It always amazes me how much of a part simple lying plays in the Muslim fighting tactics. There’s the black guy with blood-dripping knives in his hands, admonishing the audience to “leave our lands and let us live in peace.” Meanwhile, it’s London, not Timbuktu, that is unrecognizable due to the ubiquity of Muslims and their trappings, and it is guys like him who are bringing the violence. Westerners only go to Muslim countries when they absolutely have to, but Muslims are lined up by the tens-of-millions to get into Western Nations. Everything the guy said is the exact opposite of the truth. Why don’t they leave our lands and let us live in peace? That is the real question.

  2. I wonder if you read Christophe Dickey’s piece on Daily BEasts “Can AlJazera Save America News?” What is wrong with the MSM that despite all the terrorism they report they push a TV station owned by a Islamist Emir on to America? It tries to differential between the Arabic an d English versions. It also pushes the false story of the Arab boy killed in the cross fire between Hamas and Israel. Read it you could see Dickey’s bias against Israel and America. For America he said AJ spoke for the victims of the Americans in Iraq. The comments are no better. It is as if they have paid trolls promoting AJ in comments.

  3. Do not worry the emasculated, balless political class will ‘tapdance’, grovel and make all types of excuses for this obvious organized criminal behavior. IMHO the only thing these dirtbag rioters understand is a good ass kicking firmly applied. However the elected officials who have prostittuted them selves to the bleeding heart liberals will not turn the police loose on these ‘misunderstood youths’.

  4. If the politicians keep the police from doing their job long enough the much talked about backlash will occur, we in the west have been indoctrinated for over 70 years about how we are suppose to remain peaceful and let the police handle the problems and this has slowed down the backlash. The backlash is coming and the longer it takes the more violent it will be once it starts.

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