IRS commissioner quits over conservative tax scrutiny

I hope Obama has enough swords for all of his friends to fall on.


President Barack Obama delivers a statement from the East Room of the White House in Washington 15 May 2013 Barack Obama said he was “angry” about the IRS’ conduct
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The head of the US tax agency has quit after it emerged his staff singled out conservative groups for extra scrutiny, President Barack Obama has announced.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Acting Commissioner Steve Miller was asked by Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to resign, Mr Obama told a news conference.

The scandal has been one of several to rattle the White House in recent days.

In a short statement, Mr Obama said he would work with Congress in further investigations of the IRS matter.

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One Reply to “IRS commissioner quits over conservative tax scrutiny”

  1. It was low-level employees of the agency, but the director has resigned.

    Mr. President, your pants are on fire! Again!

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