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3 Replies to “Radical Islamic Recruitment Inside US Prisons”

  1. When a convict converts to Islam, he has no need to repent of his ways. Islam, unlike Christianity is a purely physical ideology. Just follow the rules, and you’re a Muslim. There is no need for self-examination or spiritual understanding.
    Because the rules of Islam do not forbid theft (from infidels), murder (of infidels), rape (of infidels) and paedophilia. Islam therefore appeals to a wide range of criminals and decadents. In fact, it appeals to the violent nature of such people, which to anyone with half a braincell is evidence that Islam is not a religion but a doctrine of pure evil.
    The only way to deal with this is to ban Islam in prisons altogether. There should be no special privileges for Muslims, no halal food and no Korans. Other prisoners should be informed that Muslims are nonces and life should be made as difficult and unpleasant as possible for Muslims inside prison. There should be discouragement of Islam in jails. Muslim prisoners should be informed that if they die in prison, they will not receive Muslim funerals. There will be no Dawa and no time for prayers. If a prisoner wishes spiritual guidance he should be given a copy of the Bible.
    Let the message to Muslims be that if they go to prison it will be very hard for them indeed!

  2. One reason the Moslems work to recruit criminals is that they are already working against the American judicial system and our culture, thus they are east to radicalize and turn even further against the nation that has nurtured them.

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