Two documentaries on contemporary antisemitism aired this week.

H/T Shabnam for this one. The Canadian one seems not to be able to be seen outside Canada right now. But as it airs over the week I suspect it will become more widely available. The trailer is below in another post but I am told it cannot be viewed outside a certain area. Im sure someone is working on that now.

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2 Replies to “Two documentaries on contemporary antisemitism aired this week.”

  1. Let’s examine why the Jews are scapegoats and the fallacies behind them:.

    1/ They are Christ killers

    Well, they have been persecuted by non-Christians too,including the Muslims who don’t believe that Christ died. They were even persecuted at one point in imperial Japan, a creed of non-Christians who couldn’t give a toss about Christ.

    2/ They are rich and greedy.

    They were even persecuted when poor and living in ghettoes. Not all Jews are money making capitalists. The founder of Communism, Karl Marx was a Jew.

    3/ They are a powerful lobby and control the World’s banks and businesses and control the media including Hollywood. They control the U.S. economy.

    Really? Then how come Hollywood by and large hates Israel, most of the media is anti-Semitic, and the U.S. economy is trillions in debt (bad economics is not really a Jewish trait).

    4/ They are somehow different and look different therefore they can fuel hatred in those who are inherently racist.

    Apart from costume, I personally can’t tell a Jew from a non-Jew (big nose jokes aside). They are not black or yellow and don’t stand out from any other particular Caucasian. Even Hitler had problems identifying them and relied on ID papers to check their ancestry.

    5/ The Jews at many points in history have been responsible for terrible crimes.

    In population terms and imperial terms, the Jews are insignificant. There are over 1 billion Muslims on Earth and much less than 20 million Jews. The Jews represent less than 1% of the World’s population. They have never had a large empire like the Romans or the Ottomans and by-and-large because of their small numbers should virtually have been unnoticeable in history and unnoticeable today.

    So why does anti-Semitism occur? It’s not logical, it’s excessively out of proportion, and throughout history it occurs over and over again. It even occurs amongst people who have never heard of Jews and know nothing about them. Why did Hitler hate Jews with such a passion? If he hated them because he saw them as useless parasites, why on his list of racial superiority were the Jews right at the very bottom, even below gypsies? What is it in the collective human subconscious that can bring out Jew hatred regardless of where the Jews are or what they are doing? Even those who have never met a Jew, and never had a bad personal experience of a Jew can be coaxed into hating them.
    The truth? Well anyone who believes in God should know the answer to this.

    Satan knows that if the Jews are exterminated then the Messiah cannot return.
    Evil men have Jew-hatred planted into their minds by dark forces. Behind anti-Semitism there always lies great evil.
    Some of the most evil men in history were fierce anti-Semites – Mohammed, Hitler, Stalin for example. Don’t forget that Mohammed received his first revelation from a fallen angel and was undoubtedly demon-possessed. At first he tried to convert the Jews to his religion (converting them is the same as destroying them because a converted Jew is no longer a Jew). He failed on this account so became intent on exterminating them. Modern Muslims still worship Satan (Allah).
    Adolf Hitler and some of the other leading Nazis were involved in the occult during the party’s early history, and it is probably during this experimentation when Hitler came under the influence of dark forces and where he got his antisemitism from.
    Not all anti-Semites are evil, many are misinformed, but behind this misinformation and propaganda are the men who are truly evil!
    Anti-Semites, although they may not actually be aware of it, are fighting against God.

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