Glenn Beck video on Saudi Bomber, “Sleeping with the Saudis”

More info here. Personally, I have not had the time to read or watch all this material. I believe Richard has, he may share some thoughts with us in the comments. I am working on some large and rather frightening issues of Islamic supremacist infiltration of US institutions that will take up some time for a while.

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3 Replies to “Glenn Beck video on Saudi Bomber, “Sleeping with the Saudis””

  1. I have read and watched all that has come out, a lot of this info has come out on other sites in dribs and drabs. The basic story (if I have it right is, the Saudi National that was the person of interest was here on a student vise, he was suppose to go to a school in Ohio but never went there. He was injured in the bombing and was taken to a hospital. At the hospital (according to a FBI source) he was arrested, but this arrest didn’t last long because of what looks like pressure from Saudi. While he was at the hospital Michelle Obama visited him and the other injured but from what I have read she spent more time with him then the others. From the way the Saudi paper reads she went there to check out how bad he was injured and report back to Saudi.

    While he was in the Hospital (early on the first day) he was placed on a terrorist list, the list he was put on is difficult to get on to and almost impossible to get off of, later the same day or the next day he was removed from the list. According to the sources he was scheduled to be deported either late last week or yesterday, no one knows or at least has said what happened to him.

    Early on last Tuesday Kerry met with the Saudi Foreign Minister, a secret meeting, and after that the Saudi national was no longer under arrest, a suspect or a person of interest, he was a witness. On the same day Obama met with the Saudi Foreign Minister and the Saudi Ambassador, after this Janet Napalotano said the man had never been of interest to the police and was not being deported.

    Other info in the videos and written material implies that the Saudi national was trained and sent over here to recruit one or more terror cells and get them trained, then lead them in terror attacks.

    The Saudi national is from a clan that has a lot of terrorist in it, they are also a rich clan.

    The government has stated there is a second Saudi national and that the second one is the one being deported, there is no evidence that the second Saudi exists.

    Beck is saying that he has seen copies of the paperwork to back up everything he has said.

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