Outcry in Iran after police punish man by dressing him like a woman

The story below makes an interesting juxtaposition with this one Don L sent earlier today. Not sure how exactly, but it is interesting. H/T M


Police dressed a man convicted of battery in Kurdish’s woman’s clothing.  

An unusual punishment has shocked many in Iran. On April 15, police paraded a convicted criminal through the northwestern city of Marivan dressed in traditional Kurdish women’s clothing. This has prompted protests in the streets, online, and even in Iran’s parliament.

The day after the incident, a local feminist organisation, the Marivan Women’s Community, organised a protest to denounce this punishment — which was handed down by a local court — as insulting to Kurdish women. About a hundred men and women attended.

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3 Replies to “Outcry in Iran after police punish man by dressing him like a woman”

  1. Typical of macho, manly Muslims to degrade a man by ‘feminizing’ him.
    Of course, as usual Muslims are always that which they accuse others of being and seeing as most of them are actually homosexual, loud-mouthed, cowardly, cry-babies, and about as much ‘real men’ as Mohammed was, they just don’t see that what they are doing here is typical ‘projection’.

  2. Ha! I can’t fault them on this. If it makes him feel like crap for beating his wife and delivers a message that others will understand then fine by me.

    Putting him away might do more harm to his family than good if he’s the family breadwinner.

    Pakistan employs transvestites to shame shop owners who won’t pay taxes. They show up and refuse to leave till he pays up.

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