Michael Coren’s The Rumble

This starts out a little slow but stick with it. There comes a moment where the usual leftist apologists and moral relativists get at least 40% of what is coming to them.

I wish just once when someone mentions Abortion doctors or Timothy McVeigh, someone would ask them for scriptural support for those actions and which Church or temple endorsed those shootings or acts of terror. Because that destroys the argument. The answer of course is none. While Islamic terror is not only scriptural and supported by pretty much every mosque, but it is in fact, central dogma of Islam.

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3 Replies to “Michael Coren’s The Rumble”

  1. You have to twist Christianity all out of shape to justify attacks like this, you only have to read the Koran to justify this.

    The woman is nuts looking at what the motives are isn’t justifying the terrorist attack, just as saying that the Koran justifies the attack doesn’t mean you are giving the attackers a reason to gain mercy.

  2. “We don’t know the motive yet!”

    In Danish news they speculate if it was “unanswered love” or something like that!!


  3. Please forgive my vulgarity here, but that dangerously stupid cow and her ilk deserve a Lara Logan Tahir treatment – or at least a fundamentalist muslim “husband”. She (and her ilk) is as responsible for this little 8 y. o. boy just killed as the Australian hate-preaching sheik who “inspired” the alleged muslim Boston bombers.

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