MEMRI Clip on the Boston attack. ‘it was a message’

To be honest, I do not know who did it. While I am inclined to think it was jihadis backed by Saudi cash the fact that it was done somewhat competently makes me reserve a tiny bit of reasonable doubt that it actually could have been done by a right wing group, as they tend to actually accomplish what they set out to do.

But what I think is actually much more important than who did it, is who is happy about it. I have been searching for clips of muslims dancing in the streets and passing out sweets, an indicator much more of what ideology is deleterious than merely who did this heinous act. So far, the clips I have seen have been of questionable origin. The one going around the most looks to me like a muslim wedding in some small town and is being misrepresented as dancing Muslims over this attack. This is very unfortunate for all of us.

But this is revealing. Thank you Magic Martin.

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  1. Image shows suspect carrying, perhaps dropping, black bag
    Investigators are ‘very close’ in the investigation, said the official, who declined to be named

    […]authorities may publicize their finding as early as this afternoon.

    The same official also said a surveillance camera at Lord & Taylor, located directly across the street, has provided clear video of the area, though it was unclear whether the image of the suspect was taken from that camera.

    Authorities planned to brief the media on the progress of the investigation at 5 p.m. today.

  2. Eeyore the Iranians and Hezbolla are reported to have several thousand trained agents in North America, they have to be semi competent to have remained hidden. One or two competent ones could be responsible for the attack, and while watching the video about NORK it struck me that the bombing took NORK off the radar, this could be a way to let Fat Boy stop threatening without losing face. After all NORK and Iran have been whipsawing us for over a decade.

  3. Officials believe they have identified a suspect in Monday’s deadly Boston Marathon bombings, CNN is reporting.</b<

    CNN’s John King said he was told authorities made a “clear identification” of a suspect and described it as a breakthrough in the investigation.

    Authorities reportedly used video from a Lord & Taylor department store and from a television station to capture a video image of a suspect placing a package at a site and leaving it behind.

    King reported the image was analyzed to such a degree that it was possible to discern facial features.

    It was unclear whether authorities have the suspect’s name, are still searching for them or could have them in custody.

  4. That info is good news. It also proves what I have believed for a long time, if you are outside of your house you are on camera.

  5. And Obama is sending bombers to this Egypt????? Is he THAT stupid or that malicious?

    But, as the man said: When the consequences of incompetence (ignorance,cowardice et al) become indistinguishable from the consequences of malice, it is wiser and safer to assume malice.

  6. Rita he was raised by his grandparents who were literally card carrying communists, his mentor in Hawaii was Frank Marshall Davis another card carrying communist. His favorite teachers in collage and his friends in collage were radical leftists. His early religions training was in Islam. After he decided to build the credentials for a political career he spent 20 years in the church of Rev. Wright, an American hating racist.

    Now tell me is it stupidity and incompetence, or competence in working to destroy the US?

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