Boston: 3 dead so far, witness: Shrapnel bomb


Latest updates as of 4:05 pm:

A third bomb was detonated by Boston police on Boylston St.

The Mass. National Guard is on the scene.

NYPD is deploying counter-terrorism vehicles around New York landmarks and prominent hotels, per Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne.

In Wash. DC, Pennsylvania Ave. has been cleared of pedestrians.

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  1. The evidence so far points to a terror attack, the bombs were probably placed inside backpacks and had some type of shrapnel added on the face of the explosive. I wonder if the bombs were on timers or remote detonators?

  2. This is some kind of hydrogen explosion. My guess it was a sodium hydroxide explosion or a potassium explosion. The Hydrogen all someone has to do is drop a very large bag into a large body of water to make this reaction.

    here is a small example:

    stuff is cheap to:

    The weapons are easily available it is the criminals we need to deal with

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