Some links and news for April 12 2013

Yes I know technically its the 13th.

1. Very odd articles about muslims in Australia that seem somehow, vaguely threatening.

I’ll paste them below. And the video is like a propaganda piece for more Islamification of Oz.

A. Andrew Bolt article:

B. Odd travel Tard-oz vid

C. Article warning of ‘tectonic event unless…

(H/T Oz-Rita on the above)

2. Weapons in use in Syria today courtesy of Magic Martin

A. Rifles

B. Large tubes. Rockets?

C. Interesting looking automatic gimbal mounted machine-gun 

D. if you only watch one, watch this one

E. Or maybe this one

F. Seems to be a crap load of these rifles there

G. This looks serious 

3. TUNIS, Tunisia – A mob of alleged religious conservatives attacked a Tunisian police station and clashed with security forces Friday, leaving one person dead and two wounded, the state news agency reported.

4. Kim Jong Un may be worth as much as $5 billion, according to the South Korean news organization Chosun Ilbo. The money comes from state-run enterprises as well as sales of narcotics, counterfeiting, and other types of criminality.

5. UNRWA resents being attacked

6. Tard Tats. Red put this in the comments. It is probably worth having a look so you can know when you see one, what the bearers feelings likely are toward you.

7. Man beheads sister and walks casually around town, holding her head by the hair. You probably shouldn’t watch this if there is anything of your basic human squeamishness left.

8. Mail online article about Afghan rape victims in jail with their babies.

9. A U.S. Army training instructor listed Evangelical Christianity and Catholicism as examples of religious extremism along with Al Qaeda and Hamas during a briefing with an Army Reserve unit based in Pennsylvania, Fox News has learned.

10. What’s wrong with women’s studies?

11. Jihadi sites grotesquely outnumber counter jihad sites.

12. Three women killed to cure AIDS


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5 Replies to “Some links and news for April 12 2013”

  1. “Very odd articles about muslims in Australia that seem somehow, vaguely threatening….”

    I am actually quite confused by this article and video because it comes from our (only? I think) conservative broadsheet, usually a very intelligent and even courageous paper. Yet this nearly “purple prose” style video is as sickeningly oversugared as arab sweets, yet the article actually reports on what I consider nothing less than Islamic black-mail: “you will change or else we bomb you like we did in London”. The only voice of out-spoken sanity (and possibly explanation) is the title that Andrew Bolt gave on this blog.

  2. Weapons F. Looks a lot like an SLR L1A1 , 7.62. Been twenty years since the British army used them but looks very similar. It will put a man straight down.

  3. Interesting weapons, the rifles do look a lot like the old FNs, there were much more powerful then the modern military rifles.

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