Somali father deported from Denmark for raping his own 11 year old daughter.

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Islam V Europe:

“A 44 year old Somali man has been found guilty by the court in Frederiksberg (Copenhagen) for raping his own 11 year old daughter. He is sentenced to two years and six months in jail. On top he will be deported from Denmark and never allowed to return to Denmark.”

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6 Replies to “Somali father deported from Denmark for raping his own 11 year old daughter.”

  1. Next thing you know, after his time is up he’ll be over here or in the States, come to Britian all you muzzie rapists, we have a very special place for you here where you can keep your head down for a while,…it’s called….”the High Street”.

  2. When I heard the courts ruling I ( am Danish ) was glad but of course DP111 and Chris is right. He wont go back to somalia but to an other European country.

    That’s why we need to register those criminals. DNA, fingerprints and pictures to ensure they stay out and cant do no further harm to our people.

  3. What they should do is use the surgical knife option. Make sure that his testicles are deported to one country and the rest of him somewhere else. Less of a threat then wherever he goes!

  4. Back before the left got control rape was considered murder of the soul and was punishable by death, back then you didn’t have to worry about him getting out and re-offending.

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