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9 Replies to “Interesting video on brain-drain from Afghanistan”

  1. They don’t want to live under Sharia, I wonder if they will stand up to the agitators who are trying to force Sharia on the US?

  2. Same here I wonder. Some will be like Californians moving to Oregon because of high taxes, but voting for high taxes in their new locale.

  3. …” some of them already have one Foot out the Door,”……thats because they only have one Foot left.

  4. Can they be trusted though? A lot of Muslims want freedom but Islam is so deeply ingrained that they bring their, shall we say, ‘bad habits’ with them.

  5. “High Tech expert.” Can locate goat porn faster than Google. At the end of the day they are Muslims.Maybe they want to wallow in the decadent West but their grandchildren may want to wallow in righteous Islam. Screw them all as a preventative measure.

  6. @ Blackbird
    That I believe. The parents or grandparents are thankful to live in the West instead of the Middle East, but their kids are not. It has happened to often.

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