Swedish halal sausages laced with pork

Wadaya know. the whole halal thing is actually baloney. Mind you, before anyone gets upset about this, non-Muslims are being forced, coerced and tricked into eating halal foods all over the world. Its nice to see its a 2 way thing.

The Local:

Swedish halal sausages laced with porkPublished: 10 Apr 13 15:30 CET | Print version

Sweden has found halal-marked salami for sale that contains more than 10 percent pork, which observant Muslims do not eat.

Swedish National Food Agency (Livsmedelsverket) said on Wednesday that the pork meat came from Slovenia.

“We are now going to inform the EU about our analyses and follow up with the company that sold this wrongly labelled salami in Sweden,” agency spokeswoman Louise Nyholm said in a statement.

“It is unacceptable that products that are labelled halal contain pork meat. There are a lot of people who absolutely do not want to eat pork meat, so it’s important that companies take responsibility and verify that their products are not sold on false grounds,” she added.

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  1. I make it a habit to drop a package of pork in the beef section every time I’m in the grocery store. We have a lot of sheet heads in my area, and I’m sure they appreciate it.

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