Damn those North Koreans are odd.

Magic Martin posted the video below in a comment on another post. It never ceases to amaze me how odd and, well, laughable really, North Korean Vogon style poetry is and Mad Magazine style graphics are. Who are those two guys they drew cartoons of and then ran over in tanks. I think one of them is Commander Spock and the other one I think is Margaret Thatcher. And how much fuel would it take to run over those cartoon figures which, had it gone into tractors, could have maybe fed a few people in the slave labour camps.

On the other hand I think there may be a touch of genius in this. Perhaps the strategy here is to lull us into a false sense of confidence and then attack us with brooms.

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  1. Well, I still say that they can defeat the U.S. now that Obama is in charge.
    I wouldn’t put it past Obama to send cardboard cartoons to fight the Norks anyway, that way he can pretend that he is actually doing something about it. He only sends real troops to war when there is danger that they might actually get hurt.

  2. I would also like to point out that it was very prophetic of the Americans to foresee the future and name both World War war two Atom bombs after the current leader of NORK and his late father!

  3. ” And how much fuel would it take to run over those cartoon figures which, had it gone into tractors, could have maybe fed a few people”

    Japan gets 3 rice crops a year due to the Japan current bringing warm water from the tropics. North Korea is probably too far away but those hillsides look lush. There are some fields in evidence but as hungry as that country is, they could some more terrace farming.

  4. My heart seethes with retaliatory spirit!

    They must be serious, they burned half their fuel reserves to make this exciting film.

  5. One likes to imagine that if you dropped a half million boxes of protein bars with a Colt 45 and 4 rounds in each one, that the people themselves wouldn’t solve this problem and just dispose of their freakishly cruel Stalinist overlords.

    But I think they are too brainwashed even to want freedom or know that there are possibilities outside of life in a gulag.

  6. Eeyore: I believe that they are told by ‘little fat man boy’ Kim (I combined both WW2 bomb names there) that they have the highest standard of living in the World, so they probably aren’t aware of anything else. I think they believe that the Kim dynasty is their only chance of survival and without this family they probably wouldn’t have any food at all.
    Cults do this, they cut off the outside world. It’s the same reason why Muslims believe that Mohammed is their only hope of escaping eternal Hell, because outside influences are kept to a minimum and criticism of the leader is not tolerated.
    It’s like Stockholm syndrome on steroids. All these cults and tyrannies are cut from the same cloth. Whether it be ideologies from Stalin, Kim, Mohammed or the Reverend Jim Jones, you’ll find that if you scratch the surface they are all uncannily similar.

  7. Eeyore have you ever heard about the liberator pistol, it was a cheap piece of stamped metal junk that I would fire for less then a million dollars. It was air dropped over occupied Europe with 4 rounds and a cartoon strip that showed how to load fire and tactics to get a fine made in Germany weapon. I don’t know if any were used or not but they would be cheaper then a working Colt 45.

  8. My spouse use to learn dance routines, songs and slogans for Mayday celebrations. She admits to a measure of brainwashing. But even before heading out into the wide world beyond the confines of the communist cult one sees the disparity in wealth.

    After heading out into the wide world, the brainwashing totally wears off. The love of country is still there, but leaders are regarded as hypocrites.

  9. If you’re interested in learning more about NORK. I find this ti be an interesting, warts and all documenary by a traveller who went there

  10. I don’t know if any Germans were killed by the liberator but it sure scared the shit out of them when they found some on the ground.

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